One of the UK's largest independent
retailers in the gift industry

David Shuttle Ltd is a family owned business with over 35 years of successful retailing,
specializing in aspirational jewellery, gifts and homewares.

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Founded by David Shuttle




made on Amazon in year 1


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“Brightpearl is the only sensible choice for independent, multichannel retailers wanting to grow their business and compete with larger retail brands.”
— Jonathan Partridge, Director

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The background

David Shuttle is a second generation family business which was originally started by David Shuttle himself back in 1978. From its humble beginnings as a small hardware store, David Shuttle has expanded into a successful multi-channel retail business specialising in jewellery, gifts and homewares. Based in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire in the UK, the multichannel company trade via two brick-and-mortar stores located on Beaconsfield’s High Street, via an e-commerce website and on both eBay and Amazon marketplaces. Selling B2C David Shuttle prides itself on exemplary customer service and currently has 35 employees to ensure it continues to offer its great service.

Jonathan Partridge, a Director of David Shuttle, joined the company back in 2007 to assist with modernizing the company and developing the e-commerce side of the business. He was kind enough to tell us more about David Shuttle and growing the business.

The challenge

“When I started at David Shuttle my main aim was to modernize the business - they were still using basic methods of paper ledgers and spreadsheets. Finding a solution which would bring our accounts up-to-date in an electronic format was essential. Being able to centralize our products and price lists was also very important. We wanted to bring our inventory together in one place to gain visibility of how the business was doing, and to build an operationally robust platform from which we could grow.”

Key Challenges:

  • Lack of inventory tracking or visibility
  • Centralizing inventory, products and prices
  • Modernizing the business and decreasing manual administration
  • Creating an operationally stable business for scalability

“We wanted to find a system which would integrate with our website as we were looking for a multi-channel solution. The aim for us was always to offer the same great service online as we do in-store, everyday. By centralizing our inventory and price list we’d be able to offer our customers nationwide the same quality products with the same high-level quality service.”

The solution

“We’d previously researched Sage 200 and NetSuite but we were really looking for software which was suited and specific for multichannel retail. We found Brightpearl which is focused towards supporting multi-channel retailers with access to integrated accounts, inventory management, ePOS, e-commerce and marketplaces. It was exactly what we were looking for plus the pricing strategy helped. Brightpearl doesn’t punish growth by charging transaction fees and there’s no large up-front costs.

“Accuracy is a huge advantage for us, by having all our retail information stored centrally, there is less room for error. The real-time accounts is a big bonus, it means no more paper ledgers or spreadsheets which is great news. We no longer have to repeat manual activities saving us time and having to do monotonous tasks. We can see an overview of the business by just logging into Brightpearl, allowing us to evaluate the business much more efficiently.

“Additionally, having easy access to 3rd party integrations has opened up new growth areas for us. Late last year we began to sell via Amazon, since then we processed an extra 900 orders through this channel within the first year, worth approximately £45,000 in incremental sales.

“Brightpearl has had a significant impact on our customer service. We can accurately keep track of our inventory and meet customer demand. We offer the same great service online as we do in-store.

The future

“Brightpearl has given David Shuttle the stable platform from which to scale the business. It’s testament to Brightpearl that we’ve been able to start up our second business Diamond Style. We branched out into selling jewelry off the back of a social shopping initiative we tried. This has now grown to a size where we’re having to completely separate the business from David Shuttle. We are in the midst of integrating our second business with Brightpearl.

“We believe in the products we sell and we look forward to continuing to scale David Shuttle and Diamond Style with Brightpearl - it’s become integral to how we do business.”