The only way is up at Eureka Brands
now they’re using Brightpearl and BigCommerce

Eureka Brands are committed to distributing and marketing only the best bicycle lifestyle accessories and brands.

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Key facts

Founded 2008

by Alexel & Kathryn

B2B and B2C

web stores



Brightpearl means our existing ecommerce platforms are synced automatically. It’s saved a lot of inaccuracies and frustrations.
— Kathryn Franco, Founder

The background

Founded in 2008 as an offshoot to their technology distribution business (Eureka Pacific), Kathryn Franco and Alexei Mazin had been keen bike riders for many years when they lived in Sydney’s CBD. They noticed a resurgence in bicycle-related activities and sales and wanted to reconnect with doing fun stuff. Both have a background in media, technology and marketing and started off distributing two US brands which were not available in Australia at that time: Montague Bikes and Nutcase Helmets.

The challenge

“Over the past six years our business has grown and changed. Our focus has become refined to bicycle accessories and we now represent 3 brands, all with multiple product lines and SKUs. As Australia is a vast country, we have always had to maintain a consumer presence to build our brand names through branded ecommerce sites as well as build on a dealer network of stores stocking our products.

“In 2013, we wanted to look at ways of better managing the growing volume of transactions and the types of transactions. We had a very bulky old accounting system. It’s easy for a small team to become overwhelmed when technology doesn’t work as it’s meant to. We needed to cut down on duplicate processes and manual entries. We wanted to enhance efficiency to get back to the original desire we had of being able to manage the business, no matter where in the world we might be. This would allow us to continue to focus on our business relationships, building our channels and taking part in international trade shows or meetings as these are an important part of our work as brand representatives.”

Key Challenges:

  • Inaccurate inventory levels, B2C and B2B
  • No time to market and expand the business
  • Accessibility to accurate business data

The solution

“Brightpearl has allowed us to become more efficient with order processing and removed a lot of the manual account balancing. We used to have to integrate both our e-commerce sales and wholesale activity in the same system in real-time. In the past, e-commerce reconciliations could take hours each month. The e-commerce connector meant all of our existing e-commerce platforms could be synced automatically with Brightpearl. We’ve also created a supplier system for dealers to use for wholesale ordering and this is also synced with Brightpearl. We can now avoid the inaccuracies that come with phone orders and the time delays of email and fax, there’s no more manual entering of orders. It’s saves us a lot of unreliability and frustrations.

"BigCommerce’s platform has allowed us to create a wholesale platform for our dealers and has made wholesale order placing and processing more effective overall. As a supplier, we hope this makes it easier for busy retailers to do business with us because they can see product images, stock and important notices. The integration with Brightpearl means that our BigCommerce orders arrive automatically so we process them once rather than re-entering orders as we did in the past.

“Plus, we now get a better “at a glance” picture of the business which shows all of our sales synced into our Brightpearl account. We can see how our business is really doing at a click of a button - and we know it’s accurate. It’s refreshing and reassuring to know that your business in under control. We’re now looking forward to launching our new ‘Dealer support/web portal’ for processing product warranty issues and questions. It makes life so much easier being able to manage our business from Brightpearl - it’s all in one place.”

The future 

“Making your own future through business is something you have more control over than when you’re working for others. There is a natural ceiling when you’re an employee, it’s usually what your boss is willing to pay you, but when you’ve created your own business – the only way is up. Even with the downs, you can succeed and that’s part of the learning experience. Risk and reward has given us more freedom to be with our young children, choose how we work, what we work on and who we work with. I aspire to a 4-hour working week and Brightpearl is really helping us get there. It’s given all of us a bit of our lives back. After all, all work and no play isn't healthy!"