Face and Body Shoppe grow over
100% year on year with Brightpearl

Face and Body Shoppe is taking the online beauty industry by storm by selling and distributing unique and
natural skincare, cosmetic, and health and wellness products from all corners of the world.

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Key facts


growth year on year





Brightpearl has allowed us to integrate with the three channels that we were selling on in a much easier and accurate way and it has helped us to focus on growth.
— Yaniv Zigron, Owner

The background

Online retailer and full-service distributor, Face and Body Shoppe, sells and distributes often difficult to find beauty products, including high end beauty products, from all over the world. Face and Body Shoppe is focused on only the highest quality of products which are hard to find at a local retail store.

After working for another cosmetic company and seeing the online retail industry grow, Yaniv decided to take the plunge, start his own online retail business and founded Face and Body Shoppe around three years ago.

Selling purely online through their own BigCommerce website and via other online marketplaces. Face and Body Shoppe made the decision to mainly focus on online selling for customer convenience to allow shoppers to order any time day or night from anywhere in the world.

Based in Chesterfield, Missouri in the United States, Face and Body Shoppe is also a wholesale business as they distribute products to other retailers.

The challenge

Face and Body Shoppe was looking for an inventory management system which would save them time, help them deal with their rate of growth and integrate with all of their current sales channels. Previously using Quickbooks, they began to face serious challenges as they continued to grow and struggled to stay in control of orders and inventory.

“We grew fast and got to the point where we couldn’t manage our inventory from all of our sales channels and we had to manually input them, count inventory and create big invoices. It just didn’t make sense anymore.” said Face and Body Shoppe owner, Yaniv Zigron.

Key Challenges:

  • Spending too much money and time on bookkeeping
  • Keeping up with the fast growth of the business
  • Managing inventory from all sales channels

Searching for a solution that would allow them to continue to grow and integrate smoothly and effectively with their current sales channels, BigCommerce, online marketplaces and shipping software, ShipStation.

“We were with BigCommerce before Brightpearl and started looking around and checking our options. We found Brightpearl because it already had a pre-built integration with BigCommerce so the decision was easy. Brightpearl was the best option for the capabilities and services provided, and it was within our budget.”

Face and Body Shoppe has now been using the retail management software for over two years.

The solution

Brightpearl has helped Face and Body Shoppe become more efficient with their time, manage and fulfil their orders all in one place, and grow and succeed over the last couple of years at a cost-effective price.

Face and Body Shoppe makes the most use out of the accounting and fulfilment product features of Brightpearl which saves them time in both bookkeeping and shipping of orders. Owner, Yaniv Zigron told us, “Brightpearl has saved us time and made us more efficient, it’s saved us the position of the bookkeeper. We used to have a bookkeeper that worked full time, now we have one that works four hours a week.”

Key Strengths:

  • Efficient accounting system
  • Integrates well
  • Cost-effective

Brightpearl was the solution that allowed Face and Body Shoppe to integrate with their main website, ran by BigCommerce, and their other sales channels. “Brightpearl has allowed us to integrate with the three channels that we were selling on in a much more easy and accurate way and it has helped us to focus on growth instead of dealing with the day-to-day accounting and technical operations.” Yaniv added, “BigCommerce and Brightpearl work great together.”

Not only did Brightpearl integrate with all appropriate sales channels, it also integrated with their shipping software, ShipStation. Owner, Yaniv told us “The integration with ShipStation is good. We were with ShipStation before and it was an easy integration with us.”

Brightpearl has enabled Face and Body Shoppe to focus on the important things in order to grow their business.

The future 

Face and Body Shoppe has high hopes for their future as they aim to continue growing worldwide and become a leader in the beauty retail industry. “We want to become one of the top ten internet distributors and retailers in the UK. I think we’re getting there - in five years time I can picture us there.”

At a growth rate of more than 100% year-over-year, Face and Body Shoppe certainly seems on the right track to achieve their five-year future goal.

Yaniv offers a piece of advice to those trying to create a successful retail business, “Be patient, it takes time to build a business and be creative! Everybody makes errors, from investing in the wrong products or people. We learn from our mistakes and move forward."