The Little Green Sheep double retail turnover
year-over-year with Brightpearl 

The Little Green Sheep design, manufacture, sell and distribute natural and organic baby products.

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Brightpearl is an ever-changing solution to help the needs of businesses.
— Mark Nicholls, Co-founder and Director

The background

The Little Green Sheep was founded in 2007 by Mark Nicholls and Paul Maurice with the strong ethic of selling only the best organic and natural baby products. The Little Green sheep now designs, manufactures, sells and distributes a strong and popular range of baby products, ranging from bedding to mattresses to bedside cribs.

After meeting at Aston university, where Mark was studying marketing and Paul did product design, they both went their separate ways to start their careers in their retrospective fields. Shortly after beginning their jobs, they realized they weren’t following what they were passionate about. At the age of only 22, they decided to start their own business and The Little Green Sheep was born.

“We both wanted to do our own thing and do something we were passionate about. Even though we were only 22, we wanted to start our own brand and grow”, Mark Nicholls, co-founder and director, explained. 9 years down the line, they have had incredible success including winning numerous awards including the prestigious Mother & Baby Awards. The Little Green Sheep continues to grow as they sell on 2 bespoke websites and supply many baby stores.

Based in Inkerrow, Redditch, The Little Green Sheep supplies to some of the biggest baby retailers in the UK including Mothercare, Mamas and Papas, Boots, Babies R Us and 80+ independent baby stores, including fellow Brightpearl customer, Natural Baby Shower. The Little Green Sheep also supplies a handful of retailers in Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world.

The challenge

After starting out as a retailer with an online website, The Little Green Sheep saw an opportunity to increase brand awareness by becoming B2B and supplying their products to other retailers. As The Little Green Sheep grew, they began to face many challenges that made it difficult for them to efficiently manage their business.

Previously using the back-end system of their website to manage orders, The Little Green Sheep found it difficult to keep up with the growth of their business.

Key Challenges:

  • Lack of automation in the business
  • Time-consuming accounting
  • Struggling to keep in control of orders

The challenge The Little Green Sheep faced was to find a system that is future proof, would allow automation, save the business time, improve efficiency and help make accounting easier.

“We were struggling to work with many challenges, we need to save time in our business and become more efficient”, Mark Nicholls explains.

The solution

Brightpearl helped The Little Green Sheep become more efficient with their time by increasing automation in the business. “Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, helped us align departments and brought people together”, said Mark.

The Little Green Sheep are making the most of Brightpearl’s product features by using order and inventory management, accounting, real-time reporting, CRM and many application plugins.

The Little Green Sheep highlight how Brightpearl is focused on the needs and growth of businesses.“Brightpearl is an ever-changing solution to help the needs of businesses. Brightpearl’s automation and cloud-based applications gives us the ability to adapt and grow.”

“The best thing about Brightpearl is the continued development and numerous application plugins.”, Mark adds.

The Little Green Sheep uses several of Brightpearl’s applications and integrations including Inventory Planner, Mailchimp and Scurri.

The Little Green Sheep has impressively doubled turnover year-over-year and continues to reinvest back into the business by focusing on branding and marketing.

Key Strengths:

  • Automation
  • Accounting
  • Integrations and applications
  • Cloud-based

The future

In the future, The Little Green Sheep wishes to continue its growth, increase their trading in multiple territories, and gain a much stronger awareness and value of the brand. The Little Green Sheep look set to achieve this as the future looks bright for the business as they’re already in the process of creating another bespoke web store for the multi award-winning and incredibly popular bedside crib, the SnüzPod.

Not only does Mark want to focus on The Little Green Sheep as a business but he wants to continue the business’ focus on what parents love. Mark explains, “we love creating products that inspire us but nothing is more rewarding than also inspiring parents.”

The Little Green Sheep believe it’s important to focus on the relationship side of things as it’s important to create products that your target audience are really going to love and share your passion of the product.

Mark offers some advice for anyone looking to start their own retail or wholesale business, “you’ve got to really love it, really love the focus of your business.” He believes this is the secret behind running a successful business!