Brightpearl and BigCommerce: What LIUID Needed to Climb Mountains to Success

B2B and B2C company, LIUID sell high quality ‘athleisure’ footwear, combining maximum comfort with modern craftsmanship. Their ethos is to inspire others to conquer the road ahead and mountains to climb.

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“We wish we had found Brightpearl in the beginning. It is an awesome company with energetic employees who are interested in the success of their partners.”
— Stan Hu, Founder and CEO, LIUID

The background

Stan Hu, Founder and CEO of LIUID (loo-id) is the inspiration behind the high quality shoes that are made. After immigrating to the U.S from China more than 30 years ago to work with several large shoe manufacturers, he discovered his passion for great design and quality footwear. It was then a natural step for Stan to showcase these passions to his own audience and launch the company, LIUID.

The meaning of LIUID (in Mandarin Chinese) is “Easy to find a way” and their mission is pretty simple: to inspire others. Stan says “With LIUID’s shoes, you can conquer the road ahead and mountains to climb”, which is a main ethos behind the brand. To ensure this mission of inspiring others is a success, LIUID have embarked on charitable projects from the very beginning.

LIUID has partnered with universities and founded a scholarship program - for every pair of shoes sold; $1 goes towards these educational scholarships. Not only that, but LIUID has also recently collaborated with Brandon Marshall from the NY Jets and his non-profit organization, Project 375. This has involved creating an entirely new shoe design and with each purchase of this new shoe, $18 will be donated to Project 375 and their fight to eradicate the stigma regarding mental health.

Located in Las Vegas, Stan and his team at LIUID are on the road to success, selling their high quality footwear across the USA via their BigCommerce website and Amazon.

The challenge

LIUID experienced success, but that success with the technology stack of BigCommerce, Fishbowl and Quickbooks quickly began to create challenges. Quickly realizing that the Fishbowl (integrated with Quickbooks) solution was holding their business back due to being “very limited”, LIUID began researching omnichannel retail software that would offer them flexibility, an all-in-one solution and be “powerful enough to allow for expansion without going through hoops and loops”, Stan explains.

Key Challenges:

  • The ability to sell across multiple channels without overselling inventory
  • Managing B2B and B2C sales in a single system
  • A disconnected inventory and accounting platform
  • "Making shoes is easy, selling is the challenge"

The solution

“We wish we had found Brightpearl in the beginning”, exclaims Stan. Finding the implementation process smooth and easy with good communication, LIUID were up and running with Brightpearl quickly.

Within Brightpearl, Stan and his team think the reports available to them are useful and the system gives them everything they need to get products out of the door to their customers.

LIUID believe the Brightpearl Customer Support team are great at helping them to problem-solve and partner with them in order to find a solution. In Stan’s words: “We would be up the creek without a paddle without your customer service as we have no IT support. Our background is product, sales and analytics - your teams are really helpful for finding solutions.”

Finally, if Stan had to describe Brightpearl in one sentence, he’d say: “Awesome company with energetic employees who are interested in the success of their partners.”

The future

Looking ahead to the future, Stan explains that their ambitions are to become a $10-15 million company within the next 5 years.

They aim to find the best market for their high quality footwear and expand their product range further to also include apparel and accessories. LIUID see this being easy to do with Brightpearl’s ability to add new product categories and track how well these new items are selling.

Stan also wishes to “build a brand that resonates with the market”, whilst continuing with their mission of “inspiring others to conquer the road ahead and mountains to climb – Live LIUID.”