The New Clothesline Company building
a sustainable future with Brightpearl and Shopify

The New Clothesline Company manufactures and markets contemporary designed
laundry drying systems and laundry accessories.

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Brightpearl is a terrific, efficient cloud-based business order management system for small to mid-sized retailers.
— Karen Sessions-Crowley, Operations Manager

The background

Carol Bildahl, the Owner/Founder of The New Clothesline Company, in 2009 was inspired by her grandmother’s Irish wooden clothes drying airer. She created an e-commerce based company selling her newly designed racks and accessories. The New Clothesline Company’s produces LOFTi, a ceiling mounted, adjustable rack, the DUO drying accessory and attachment to LOFTI, the WOODi, a beautifully USA made wooden rack, and SPARROW CLIPS, created to perch on the racks.  It is a small company trying to make a change in the American Laundry room one load at a time.  “Our products save energy, save money, save space, and the life of your clothing.  Air drying is a small change that can make a huge difference.” Quotes Carol. 

The New Clothesline Company sells B2B and B2C through many different channels including; their website [Shopify], Amazon, and Shopify POS at trade shows. They also sell through e-commerce and flash sales sites like The Grommet, One Kings Lane, Zulily and Lakeland in the UK. Based in Bozeman, Montana, they have a fulfillment warehouse but generally the business operations is managed virtually. We spoke to Karen Sessions-Crowley, Operations Manager, to tell us more about how they gained better control of their business with the help of Brightpearl.

The challenge

“When I joined the company they were using QuickBooks to do everything including vendor quotes and invoicing.  Without hesitation I knew I wanted to find a system which could streamline the business and ensure efficiency.  As Carol, the owner and CEO travels frequently we wanted to be able to work virtually, not having remote access was proving to be difficult. 

Key Challenges:

  • Working remotely and sharing company data
  • Disconnection between accounts and inventory
  • Getting paid - managing our accounts receivables

“All of our invoicing, statements, inventory management and accounts receivables were being managed by a 3rd party consultant. The aim was to bring everything under one virtual roof so we could manage operations centrally. The disconnection between our accounts, inventory and day to day operations meant we didn’t have the ability to run the business as a whole internally.”

The solution

“We looked at a few other systems before we found Brightpearl, we came across enterprise level software which was not what we wanted. We were looking for a system we could grow with which we have done with Brightpearl. Since we decided to move forward with Brightpearl the impact has been huge for us. There are lots of features we use, but there are two big ones for us, the first being able to sync sales straight from our Shopify cart into Brightpearl and to our fulfillment warehouse. It’s a much more efficient process and being able to see how our sales are doing (at any given moment) provides more insight into the business.

“Accounting is the second feature - checking our income statement and accounts receivables on a daily/hourly basis is great. We can make sure we are getting paid and using our resources appropriately, being able to pull detailed reports means we can be decisive and profitable as a business.  Having access anywhere, anytime means we can see how our business is doing from all around the world, which is perfect for us with Carol and myself working remotely.

“Overall we’re more efficient with Brightpearl and can respond much more rapidly to the demands of running an ecommerce business - we’re able to stay on top of things.”

The future

“The beauty of being cloud-based is you can easily expand the business, there are almost no limitations. We’re expecting to grow internationally and grow our sales five-fold, and I’m sure we’ll continue to grow just as Brightpearl does.

"As we believe in a sustainable future, Brightpearl is helping us find the time to continue to research viable options and resources for sustainable solutions of our products. It's the small things in life that make a big difference. For The New Clothesline Company, Brightpearl is the most efficient, cloud-based business management system helping us grow our business and build a sustainable future.”