Wholesaler Pad Home have grown five-fold in as many years

Pad Home is a wholesaler that sells contemporary design-led goods from outside the UK

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The fact that it is based online is great we have a number of freelancers who work for us in remote locations so we can give them access easily.
— Nik Fulton, Director

The background

Pad Home is a wholesale distribution company that sells contemporary design-led goods from outside the UK. Founded in 2011, they have developed fast, gaining the exclusive distribution rights to three gorgeous design brands: Flux, Leff and Seletti. All of which are not represented anywhere else in the UK or Ireland. They distribute these products to a number of big UK retailers such as John Lewis and House of Fraser. They wanted business management software that could do everything under one roof. Brightpearl ticked all the boxes.

Their signature product is the Flux Chair which was the winner of the Grand Designs Product of the Year 2011. A unique design of folding furniture this chair comes as a flat envelope that can be expanded into a stylish chair. Perfect for those people who have space-conscious homes - it is waterproof, recyclable, easy to store and transport. It’s no surprise it was given an award.

As they grow, Pad Home are on the lookout for a few more design brands, but they are very selective about whom they will work with. It is of the upmost importance to them that the products they sell are of the highest quality and extremely well designed. They pride themselves on providing beautifully designed contemporary products that perform in the practical world. We caught up with Nik Fulton, Director, at Pad Home to tell us what he was looking for in business software.

The cloud-based challenge

"We wanted to find a software that could do everything under one roof. Initially, we thought we would have to go for something custom made which we looked into. It was expensive to go down this route. We also realised that we wouldn't be able to log in from outside of the office which we had decided would be a really useful feature for us.

Additionally, as designers, we work on an Apple based system so we wanted software which was going to be Mac-compatible.

Key challenges:

  • Access outside of the office
  • Mac-compatible software
  • Finding a centralized system

The growing solution

"I found Brightpearl through a Google search and it ticked all these boxes. The fact that you could trial it for free ensured it was the right package for us. We signed up for the 30 day free trial and we absolutely loved the look of it. It does about 95% of what we need which for the cost is amazing value. There’s no other system out there that can do it for a decent price.

"When I first used Brightpearl I thought it looked great, but then the as I worked with it more and more I discovered the functionality is really, really good too. The best thing about it is that it is all-in-one so there’s no need to switch between lots of different programs, and for that matter you don’t have to buy lots of different software, learn how to use it and maintain it yourself. Brightpearl keeps things simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use.

"Plus, it means if I’m out of the office I can log in from wherever I am. It even does our accounting for us too which is brilliant. Now I don’t have to pay an accountant a ton of extra money.

"I’m completely self-taught, well ok my colleague is and she’s taught me! She’s spent many an evening watching the webinars which she’s found really useful. Once we got the hang of the basics, the system is simple and intuitive; any new functionality we’ve wanted to use is easy to pick up.”

The future

"We have recommended Brightpearl to several people. It’s versatile, easy-to-use and very good value. We expect to continue to grow as we know Brightpearl will."