Brightpearl is “the hub of all
information” for Pavilion Broadway

Pavilion Broadway sell high-end home furnishings and accessories, as well as offering interior
design services and selling directly to interior designers.

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We would not have been able to scale our business without Brightpearl. It’s the platform that runs our business. It’s our central hub of all information.
— David Ewart, Director

Key facts


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The background

Pavilion Broadway are a hybrid retailer of bricks, clicks and service with the business selling high-end home furnishings and accessories from three physical stores, online through the Magento webstore and Amazon marketplace, via telephone and additionally offering interior design services.

Director, David Ewart, explains the interior design services, “Customers can come to us for a turnkey design solution, we’ll design the rooms, supply all the furniture and accessories, and manage any building works.”

All three Pavilion Broadway stores are situated in the countryside village of Broadway on Broadway High Street in the heart of the Cotswolds and each showroom has their own unique focus. The flagship store located at 67 Broadway High Street sells high-end home furnishings and accessories, the showroom at no. 62 sells mid-market furniture and accessories, and the third store at no. 58 offers an extensive range of faux flowers. Pavilion Broadway also have a large presence online which boosts their in-store footfall.

Pavilion Broadway began their retail journey in 2008, now have customers all over the UK with key areas including London, Surrey and the Cotswolds, and are made up of a team of 10 employees including 3 members of staff in the warehouse, 2 digital marketers, 2 interior designers and 3 sales agents.

The challenge

After previously using ChannelGrabber, Pavilion Broadway were searching for a cloud-based system, with the ability to manage everything all in one place, deal with the business’ rapid growth across all channels, and integrate with both Magento and Amazon.

Key Challenges:

  • The ability to manage everything in one place
  • A system to cope with rapid growth
  • Cloud-based system to sync up multiple stores

David Ewart, Director of Pavilion Broadway explained, “I wanted a turnkey solution that could manage my customers, accounts, orders, inventory. Brightpearl were able to offer me that”.

Before Brightpearl, Pavilion Broadway faced several problems that were having an impact on efficiency, including tracking stock from start to finish, struggling with customer relationship management (CRM), keeping track of purchase orders, and tracking stock from start to finish.

Pavilion Broadway also struggled to keep all aspects of the business aligned. David explained, “When you’ve got more people involved in the process, you need one central system that can manage everything and track all the different updates so everyone can see what is happening.”

The solution

Brightpearl has helped Pavilion Broadway in various different ways from strengthening accounting and CRM, to helping deal with multiple channels, aligning the team and improving purchase orders. David shared, “I chose Brightpearl because they had a solution for all my problems!”

Pavilion Broadway has increased efficiency and made it easier to keep track of stock. David explains, “The stock is fully tracked end to end. If purchase orders are raised on Brightpearl, we know if something has actually been ordered.”

Key Strengths:

  • Accounting
  • Multichannel
  • CRM
  • Cloud-based
  • Purchase orders

David emphasises the help Brightpearl has given to improve customer relationships. “Brightpearl has very much helped us improve customer service. If a customer rings up for information, all we need to do is ask them for their name or order number and we’ve got all the information in front of us. In the notes section you can document any notes so the next person can pick up where you’ve left of. It’s stopped us getting in a muddle. Without Brightpearl, CRM could be quite a daunting process.

Pavilion Broadway have also moved from a paper to digital accounting system during their Brightpearl journey. Accounting partner, Evenstone, were able to help with the transition and continue to help Pavilion Broadway with their accounting. "I was introduced to Evenstone by Brightpearl and they now handle and help us with our accounting. Evenstone are great!"

The retailer takes full advantage of our 24/7 support team, “Brightpearl’s support team have always been helpful and friendly. We’re gold support subscribers so we can call up and there’s always someone to answer the phone.”, David said.

Pavilion Broadway have now been using Brightpearl for over three years and David emphasises the growth they achieved since implementing, “We’ve done double or triple digit growth ever since we began using Brightpearl. We wouldn’t of been able to scale our business without Brightpearl.”

The future

Looking to the future, David explains what he continue to love about his business, “Everyday is different, every customer is different. We’re selling furniture and accessories but essentially it’s a fashion business, just like clothing. Every season there are new products and looks that we are able to take to our customers. It’s always fresh and always interesting.”

Pavilion Broadway hope to continue to grow rapidly and have even more happy customers. “Brightpearl will scale with our business. We definitely see it as part of our future.”, David adds.

David offers advice for other retailers starting out, “Don’t run before you can walk. Try to differentiate your product or service offering, it’s certainly the key to our business - a hybrid of a traditional business mixed with bricks, clicks and service.”

“The market is hyper-competitive so you have to work hard and be one step ahead of the competition.”