grows 400% in just
2 years through multichannel automation is an online retailer of natural bully sticks, dog treats, and chews, sourcing premium
ingredients to provide dog owners with the healthiest and most affordable products. main retail

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Founded by Kyle Goguen


growth in 12 months


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The multichannel setting is a retailer of natural bully sticks, dog treats, and chews across multiple online sales channels. Based in Los Angeles, this rapidly expanding ecommerce business sells a number of premium dog product brands, including its own, to customers across the United States.

Kyle Goguen founded in 2014, recognizing a gap for affordable and healthy dog treats in the ecommerce market. Upon creating his ecommerce Magento website, Kyle saw the many opportunities present to amplify his brand across 3rd party marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay.

The retail challenge

Selling on multiple platforms opens up a business, which is what Kyle Goguen decided when he became a multichannel retailer selling across three channels to reach more of his online customers. “Early on we had great success with customers finding our website,, but we soon realized we were missing out on Amazon and eBay shoppers. There are many dog owners who are more comfortable shopping through known marketplaces and we wanted to make sure to cater to them as well”, said Kyle.

Kyle found that each sales channel presented its own benefits and challenges, which he had to manage. By selling on multiple platforms, that opens a business up to many inventory complications. There’s the constant risk of overselling stock that isn’t available if each channel is not synced and managed properly. Without a system to manage multi-channel inventory, a company has to manually update inventory levels within all channels separately and by hand.

Key hurdles:

  • Managing products across multiple sales channels simultaneously
  • Managing different prices and promotions across each sales channel, such as Amazon’s weekly flash sales
  • Limited overview of each sales channel
  • Accounting for stock and cash-flow

The all-in-one time saving solution

Kyle discovered Brightpearl’s multichannel inventory management and accounting functionality and recognized how the cloud-based platform could benefit his business. “I wanted a system which managed as much as possible in one platform, from accounting to inventory - Brightpearl is a reliable cloud based system”, said Kyle.

He quickly realized how many processes could be automated across all his sales channels thanks to Brightpearl. With his listings, inventory levels, prices and customer data managed in just one dashboard, multichannel selling became a much simpler process, leaving Kyle with more time to focus on expanding his business through online marketing and by selling on more online platforms.

“Brightpearl automatically brings in orders saving time on manual data entry. I can filter based on what channel the order came from, but our fulfilment team really doesn’t know the difference. We treat every order exactly the same, with the same packaging and systems. That has really simplified our processes since we don’t have to check every marketplace separately. Once it’s set we just let the listings run.”

We asked Kyle what his top tip would be for other ecommerce businesses just starting out. “Whether it’s Brightpearl or something else, make sure you can track your inventory, especially if you plan on selling on multiple channels. In the beginning with a limited number of SKUs and sales, it’s easy to wing your inventory management. However, when you start to grow and scale, it becomes much more complicated and nearly impossible to track. Plan ahead and get the proper systems in place.”

The future

“My goal is to continue to grow the business at the same rate while remaining lean. That’s the beauty of automation and being cloud based, you can employ remote workers. There’s no need for a huge office and a large staff. Our team prefers to stay small and efficient which keeps our overhead low and our prices affordable.”

“The next big challenge for us is going to be selling internationally with Amazon. Even though it’s the same channel we’re already using, there are a few complications with getting our inventory stocked all over the world. We plan on starting with Canada and expanding from there. Luckily, we’ve got Brightpearl that will continue to handle all of our Amazon expansions and allows us to scale relatively easily from an inventory and accounting standpoint.”

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