Peachy Belts turnover has doubled since
adopting Brightpearl in 2010

Zoe Gibson started Peachy Belts to produce high-quality, versatile and
luxury belts with detachable buckles.

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Key facts



52 hours

saved per month


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Brightpearl is a robust, progressive, one-stop-shop retail management system. It gives me the time back to do the things I love.
— Zoe Gibson, Founder

The background

Zoe Gibson has worked within the fashion industry for over 15 years and has a keen eye for fashion accessories. Peachy Belts started when Zoe decided she wanted to produce a range of womens belts made from Italian leathers that had detachable buckles. A key feature of the business is being responsive to customers needs and offer excellent customer service, this has helped to build a growing, loyal customer base. By combining beautiful leather sourced from Italy and British craftsmanship to produce the belts and buckles she has formed an eclectic luxury collection.

Peachy Belts is currently based in Leicestershire in the UK, where Zoe works from home with a team of six freelancers who all work remotely. You can buy Peachy Belts online via their Magento webstore or you’ll find them at several retail fairs and shopping events across the country. We caught up with Zoe to tell us more about her business.

The challenge

“My focus is on designing, sourcing and producing my belts and buckles. Everyone has their strengths and mine is being creative and selling, my weakness tends to be the business management side. When you’re starting out you’re trying to create your products, a brand and a solid, profitable business - it can be overwhelming. One of my biggest challenges was customer management, I couldn’t keep track of who all my customers were and what they were buying. This made it difficult to follow up with them after sales and market to them.

“Inventory management was the next challenge for me. Having different products in different places made it hard to know what I had, what I didn’t and where it all was. Keeping track of inventory is fundamental to serving my customers and knowing how profitable the business is.”

Key Challenges:

  • No customer data
  • Inaccurate inventory levels
  • Time consuming manual administration

The solution

“In 2010 Brightpearl was recommended to me as a complete, one-stop-shop, retail management system. Since I started using Brightpearl I’ve saved a massive amount of time not having to do admin. All the little things add up; even invoicing and delivery notes, these can all be produced through Brightpearl, its much more efficient.

“With over 2,000 customers its hard to keep track of them all, but Brightpearl stores all the customer data you need to know. I can see what my customers are buying and when, which makes it a lot easier to follow up with them after a sale. Customer feedback and satisfaction is a big part of why I started Peachy Belts so having this functionality is really powerful and essential to my business.

“Inventory was hard to keep track of prior to Brightpearl. Your products and materials equals your cash investment, it’s important for me to know where everything is at all times. Brightpearl lets me see all my products all at once, in one place.

“As I work from home and I work with multiple freelancers, running my business in the cloud is a huge benefit. Being able to access key business information from anywhere at any time is really helpful. Incorporating my freelancers into the business remotely means Peachy Belts can grow efficiently wherever I am or wherever they are.

“My work is juggled around my children, far too many horses and a neglected husband, so making my business run smoothly and efficiently is a must. The fact that everything is integrated all in one system makes a lot more sense. I can get an overview of how my business is doing at a glance just by logging into Brightpearl. It makes running my business so much easier."

The future

“I’m not particularly tech savvy but I know I can increase and grow my business substantially online, there are only so many retail shows I can attend. Brightpearl will enable me to grow my business, make my sales process much slicker and still live the life I love. My advice to anyone starting a retail business; make sure you understand your business and your unique selling point and if you can, utilize an integrated all-in-one system like Brightpearl.

“Brightpearl gives me free time to get on with the side of the business i’m really interested in. My passion is sourcing new materials and designing new belts and buckles. I want to continue to make lovely products which delight my customers, as that’s what I love about my business. Brightpearl lets me do just that.”