Spikeball grow retail 3x year over year with
the help of Brightpearl

Spikeball’s mission is to build the next great American sport with this team game played by two teams of two players.

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Key facts


US retailers sell Spikeball

48 countries

shipped to worldwide

Hit 3.2 million

in revenue in 2014

That’s the beauty of Brightpearl, it allows us to be super efficient. Without Brightpearl we’d need 3-5 people to do what one person can do.
— Scott Palmer, Chief Operating Officer

The background

Spikeball is a leading manufacturer, distributor and online retailer focused on introducing more people to the sport of roundnet along with building a community around the next great American sport.

Described as a cross between volleyball and foursquare, roundnet is played by two teams of two players with the goal of getting the ball onto the centrally placed Spikeball net. There are no sides and no boundaries, just the aim of returning the ball off of the net in no more than three hits per team.

Spikeball was established in 2008 when founder and CEO, Chris Ruder, reinvigorated a game he played with his friends and family in the 1980s. Shortly after Chris purchased the product in the 80s, it was discontinued, but they continued to play the game for the years to come.

The revived game, more commonly referred to as Spikeball after Chris’ company, has over 350,000 players in the US and more than 1,000 nationally ranked teams taking place in tournaments.

Spikeball have shone in the media’s spotlight and have been featured on Shark Tank, Esquire, ESPN 2, The Wall Street Journal and Comcast SportsNet.

The challenge

As Spikeball began to grow, it was important for them to find a retail management system to help them optimize inventory management, increase efficiency and streamline orders. Spikeball were in need of a system that could deal with demand, “We process 100’s of orders a day which in our peak seasons reaches 1000’s a day.”

Key Challenges:

  • Find a system that integrates well with Shopify and ShipStation
  • Streamline orders
  • Improve inventory management
  • Improve efficiency

Spikeball were in need of a retail management system that allowed them to grow and integrate with Shopify, Shipstation and Amazon.

Chief Operating Officer, Scott Palmer, told us that after considering numerous inventory management and ERP systems, “Brightpearl was the only one that was robust enough to be able to meet all of our requirements.” Scott added, “Brightpearl worked really well with Shipstation, we loved it. Shopify, ShipStation and Brightpearl are the three main softwares we use to run our entire business.”

The solution 

Brightpearl allowed Spikeball to save time and become more efficient by optimizing staffing, “We are a small but efficient team here at Spikeball, a normal company in terms of our size, revenue and volume, would most likely have two to three times the staff we have.”

Using Brightpearl, Spikeball has a deeper understanding of their inventory. “Brightpearl has easily allowed us to capture a couple extra hundred thousands dollars in revenue that we might not have been able to capture due to running out of inventory, or not having as high level visibility of our inventory.”

“Brightpearl’s reports allow us to see sales by channel, by customer, on a daily basis in real time.”

Key Strengths:

  • Ability to connect with multiple channels
  • Higher level of visibility amongst all sales channels
  • Centralized process system
  • Real-time reports

The future

Spikeball have big ambitions for the future and plan to increase their success, Scott Palmer told us “We want everybody in the world to know of Spikeball.”

“Brightpearl gives us the ability to scale. I don’t have time to put in a new software system every year. Brightpearl is growing with us, it allows us to grow at the rate we want to grow.” Scott added, “The ability to scale and penetrate additional markets, that alone is what makes it valuable to us.”

As Spikeball continues to grow, Scott explained their aim to carry on growing the Spikeball community, “We’re doing something bigger than just a product on a shelf. We’re developing a sport, creating a community, making lifelong relationships and changing people’s lives.”

The first step to build even more Spikeball relationships is by launching a mobile app, on the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay store, to allow Spikeballers to find each other to play with.

Spikeball’s biggest dream is to make roundnet an Olympic sport with “Spikeball as the brand that got the sport there”.