Tamper Evident doubled sales without
adding any additional staff with Brightpearl and Magento

Tony Renkin saw an opportunity to help companies prevent unauthorized access and theft: Tamper Evident.

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We’ve doubled our business since implementing Brightpearl through streamlined processes. We even have the capacity to double again without adding any extra staff.”
— Tony Renkin, Owner

The background

It was 2004. A smuggling case dominated the headlines in Australia. Drugs were discovered in the suitcase of an Australian woman when she arrived in Indonesia. Her defense was that these were planted in her luggage without her knowledge. This gave Tony Renkin a thought. He saw an opportunity to provide consumers with products that could secure luggage. As he researched this idea, Tony quickly discovered a much bigger opportunity. He could help a range of businesses including retailers, manufacturers, government, education and healthcare providers, who were all struggling with finding ways to provide evidence of tampering.

Tamper Evident has continued to grow quickly and now provides a range of products to stop theft, control access to goods in transit/storage, protect intellectual property and secure confidential information. From three warehouses, Tamper Evident distributes products to customers across Australia, the Asia Pacific region and United States. By 2011 the business was growing fast and the company was hitting a wall. Their existing desktop based software was not scaling with the increase in customers and sales.

The challenge

“We were having a nightmare! It was like we were working five years behind current technology. Our existing software was desktop based which meant a slow roll-out for upgrades and no remote access. We needed to unchain ourselves from our desks.” Tamper Evident primarily supplies to businesses and government where the decision process can be long and there is a requirement for quotes prior to a sale. Sometimes there are a number of complex steps that larger organizations need to go through before a purchase can be made.

“Our prior system was cumbersome and inflexible for our requirements. A simple process like paying an invoice was very laborious. As we grew, we were serving more customers, and with our prior system we were making errors in shipments which led to credits, which created its own problems. We were doing admin work at the cost of being readily available for our customers and it was becoming difficult to run the business.”

Key Challenges:

  • Finding a cloud-based system to manage inventory, CRM and accounting
  • Managing B2B and B2G sales
  • Being restricted to our desks
  • Lots of manual processes and admin

The solution

“We looked at a number of packages and began comparing features and carrying out tests. Very quickly we dropped this approach. We could analyze all we wanted but the more we worked with Brightpearl the more excited we became - it just felt so right!

“With Brightpearl we are dramatically more efficient than we used to be. Orders can be processed so quickly that you feel like you must have made a mistake, but you haven’t! All the steps are seamless and the software is so easy to use. Sometimes we feel like ‘shouldn’t it be harder’ but Brightpearl just takes care of it.

“Brightpearl helps us know our customers; their needs, their previous purchases, notes on all of our conversations, our email history with them and when we should follow up. Without having to worry about admin, we can now focus all of our time forming relationships with our customers.

“We’ve doubled our business since implementing Brightpearl without adding any staff. Tasks that would have distracted us from our customers are gone. We would not have been able to do this without Brightpearl and we even have the capacity to double again without adding more staff. It’s really impressive what Brightpearl has built."

The future

“With Brightpearl in place, we have more time to meet our customers face-to-face and see how our products are making a real difference. In a tough economic environment we can deliver a solution which saves money for our customers by preventing theft or accidents.”