Better together 

Our partner minubo tells the VeloBrands story, demonstrating how Brightpearl reporting & analysis partnered with minubo's app came together to accelerate VeloBrands' business growth.

Brightpearl is uniquely designed to allow integration with other apps, which can be found in the App Store. This case study was written by minubo, a Brightpearl partner, and highlights the power of using apps to accelerate your business.

The background.

In January 2011, Will Miles founded the company Juice Lubes as a premium quality range of high performance lubricants, fluids, and cleaners for bikes. At that time, the founder managed his business like a hobby with his spare rooms as office and a budget of just £400. Then, 3.5 years ago, Juice Lubes became VeloBrands to expand their offering of cycling products – with great success! The cycling shop has kept growing constantly to the point we can see today.

Now VeloBrands is a £3.5 Mil. company with a customer base of 400 retailers and 2500 end-consumers.

The challenge.

Will's main target was to ensure that retail customers engaged with all brands across VeloBrands' portfolio. Taking the first step, he wanted to work out how far this was already the case, and from there work out how he could fully achieve his goal. The VeloBrand CEO therefore needed to gain insights from his comprehensive Brightpearl data with the help of certain types of reports: activity reports which showed both his brands’ performance as well as his retail customers’ brand order activity.

“We knew that we needed formal reporting which enables a sustainably effective overview of our data, but we hadn’t sufficient BI capability to implement it by ourselves, we thus thought about employing somebody to do this for us – but then, my Brightpearl contact brought minubo into play.”

The goal: Will wanted to increase his customers' revenue by offering them the right brands and products, ultimately strengthening their long-term relationship.

Key challenges:

  • Set up individual brand penetration reporting per retail customer.
  • Use sales forecasts to ensure more accurate ordering.
  • To efficiently manage inventory.

In regards to my KPI’s I’d rather spend my time on interpreting and deducing further actions than wasting my time calculating them!"

Will Miles, CEO

The solution

minubo was recommended to Will as Brightpearl’s technology partner for analytics. Upon seeing how it meshes with his Brightpearl system seamlessly, Will chose to use the minubo 'All-in-One Analytics' App. With the possibilities the minubo app brings to his business, he now accesses the reports he requires at the click of a mouse.

“Having minubo connected to our Brightpearl system, we feel that we finally get the currently important insights we need: individual reports per retail customer, sales forecasts, inventory analyses, comprehensive management reporting that can be drilled-down to operative level. For instance, before our sales people call a retail customer they have the possibility to review his individual KPI reports – to provide the customer with valuable info about his business and to point out where he can increase his revenue by doing business with VeloBrands. That’s a profitable win win situation!”

The future.

“The next few months are going to involve me and my team making sure we fully understand the capabilities that minubo gives us in combination with our Brightpearl system and making sure we take the correct action to maximize the returns from our investment – it should be fun!”

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