Accounting Journals in Real-time

Create accounting journals in real-time

With separate systems for sales, purchasing, inventory management, and accounting, the same data is input multiple times. At each stage there’s the risk of errors. Brightpearl’s integrated online accounting software creates journals automatically when you invoice sales, take payments, receive and ship stock.

Audit with ease

All of your data in Brightpearl’s online accounting software is connected, allowing you to easily navigate between invoices, payments, customers and even into the underpinning journals. This provides a valuable audit trail and the ability to quickly and easily correct errors, saving you time and money.

Audit with ease

Costs of goods accounting

Cost of goods accounting

Accurate calculation of cost of sale involves time consuming stock takes, complex product cost calculations, spreadsheets to track landed costs and a multitude of manual stock journals. Brightpearl removes the need for all of this and offers effortless inventory management and a real-time view on gross profit.