Easily accessible retail KPIs

Easily accessible retail KPIs

Temperature check your business through our clear retail KPI reports and real-time dashboards. At any time, quickly optimize opportunities or go into damage control. Based on best practice metrics to allow you to better manage your business and improve ROI on products and customers.

Understand customer behaviour

Build a loyal customer base by identifying your active customers, what they buy, and encourage them to spend again. Reactivate customers who haven’t engaged in a while with targeted marketing. With Brightpearl you can access essential customer data in minutes to improve profitability.

Understand customer behavior 

Product optimization

Product Optimization

Achieving higher margins across product ranges can be challenging; access your retail analytics to drill down into granular SKU level reports to monitor which products are in demand, and slow movers. Easily identify trends using sales and stock reports, so you can optimize your stock investment and stay in control of your margins.