Real-time ebay inventory and order management

As soon as orders are placed on eBay, we bring them into Brightpearl for you to process. This means that there’s no delay in getting them into your fulfilment engine, but also kicks off a full inventory update of the products sold to all of your sales channels, making sure the new availability levels are known to all, immediately, so you only sell what you want to sell.


Use Brightpearl to protect your seller rating

Through the use of Brightpearl, you’ll not only see your internal order processing times come right down due to better workflows, but we’ll also completely replace the manual efforts of updating orders as shipped with tracking references, or amending stock levels. Brightpearl keeps all this in-line behind the scenes, reducing stock outs, and keeping customers informed.

brightpearl's ebay inventory software helps you protect your seller rating

ebay management software from brightpearl helps you maximise your selling

Maximize your selling potential

With a single Brightpearl account you can connect to as many eBay stores as you aspire to run. If you’ve potential to target new territories, or launch new brands, do it with Brightpearl.