brightpearl magento inventory management extension is built for speed

Built for speed & spikes

Our Magento inventory management extension fires orders into Brightpearl as soon as they’ve cleared checkout reliably and is built to perform at scale. So whether you need to run a flash sale, promote a hot selling product or it’s just a normal day for you, you can be sure that nothing will slow you down.

Prioritized customer experience

Our extension is designed to work silently in the background, meaning that your store’s performance comes first. If you get a sudden influx of visitors that puts a strain on your store, we’ll wait for things to calm down a little before stepping in.

brightpearl's magento inventory software runs in the background to improve front end performance

launch multiple stores with brightpearl's magento inventory management software

Maximize your selling potential

With Brightpearl's Magento inventory management software,  you can connect to as many Magento stores as you like, with different configuration and branding for each. Launch new brands, expand into more territories and reach new audiences with Brightpearl.