Managing the finances of a growing omnichannel business can be a difficult endeavour. Brightpearl’s automated accounting helps bring clarity to your accounts, frees you up from managing data entry or integrations, and lets you focus on analysis.

Analyze your finances instead of struggling to keep your books up-to-date

As products are purchased, payments are processed, and invoices are received and sent, Brightpearl is automatically posting journals to its ledger. This removes the need to export from or import to another system and provides you with a real time view of your finances without the need for an extra bookkeeper or reliance on an integration.

The responsive system helps us manage our inventory, purchase orders, customer data and a key strength for us - our accounting. Being able to see a live profit and loss statement of the business on a daily basis is amazing, it’s very useful for making business decisions.
— Clifton Vaughan, Director & Co-founder Natural Baby Shower

Stop dealing with IT issues

Any accounting integration risks missing entries or limits your ability to audit transactions. Brightpearl’s accounting is built-in, removing the need to deal with constant integration issues. Focus on financial analysis instead of fighting your IT manager.


Automate your invoicing with EDI

EDI is the industry standard for automating the interactions between trading partners. Brightpearl maintains integrations with leading EDI providers to allow you to automate your invoicing and ensure your key accounts can quickly and easily pay on time.

Simplify your accounts payable and receivable

Managing your supplier and customer debt with a disconnected system can quickly lead to incorrect or late payments, straining both customer and supplier relationships. Brightpearl simplifies the process of tracking debt and taking payments, increasing 'on time' payments and improving customer and supplier relationships.

The accounting package Brightpearl offers is refreshing. The fact we can process our sales, picking list, dispatch list and invoices all within Brightpearl keeps everything tidy all in one place.
— Edward Sloane, Managing Director, Home Life Direct

Accurately account for your inventory

Brightpearl’s integrated purchase order management automatically accounts for your inventory asset values and cost of goods sold using FIFO. Landed costs allow you to go further and understand the true cost of selling a product. See your financials in real time to quickly understand your cash flow and upcoming debt.