Goodsmarket is the local click and collect marketplace for your retail goods:

  • Goodsmarket exists to make the high street searchable online and all its products available for click and collect.
  • Goodsmarket is helping to make products in local stores as accessible and easy to find as they are on the large online marketplaces.
  • For buyers, it opens up a new paradigm for smart, local shopping and an emphasis on immediate price comparison and prompt attainment of a desired product.

Click and collect is gaining in popularity among shoppers as it offers the best of online search with the immediacy and engagement of local, physical purchases. Goodsmarket will automatically sync with your Brightpearl account, importing and keeping up-to-date product inventory across all of your retail stores. This means that you are able to sell via click and collect immediately, just by installing the Goodsmarket application and syncing your retail inventory.

Help your customers to find and purchase products from your store via Goodsmarket to:

  • Increase your presence online
  • Encourage engagement with your physical location and brand
  • Embrace a growing market for click and collect transactions

To set up your retail store on Goodsmarket, please contact us or login to your Brightpearl dashboard and install + setup your Goodsmarket account from there.



London, UK

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