Brightpearl inventory management for jewelry and luxury goods businesses

Perfectly packaged software for your business

Perfectly packaged software
for your business

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“The Brightpearl solution gives us the freedom to scale; as we add more channels, Brightpearl grows with us. Being able to run the whole business through one system is so valuable, as is having the ability to integrate the solution seamlessly with our other integrations such as Magento and MailChimp.”

David Lochhead, Commercial Director, Finlay London



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orders shipped
in 2017


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* Merchant analysis from Brightpearl data 2017-2018

Power your back office to offer an excellent customer experience that is aligned with your brand image

Your clientele are demanding; they expect a flawless and personalized shopping experience and customer service when purchasing jewelry or luxury goods. To enable that, you’ll need a powerful operations platform which will streamline each step from purchase to warehouse to sale, so that you can focus on your front of house strategy.  

Focus-on-your-branding Maximize-your-customer-lifetime-value Mould-software-to-your-business-model Plan inventory effectively Speed-up-your-customer-facing-operations Secure-your-business-against-theft
    Focus on your branding

    Gain time, spend it on your branding and image

    We understand that to stand out within the industry, you need time to shape your brand strategy, from perfecting your packaging, to personalizing the complete buying experience. This means you need the time back from your back office management to focus on your front end strategy.

    With Brightpearl’s efficient back office software, you can:

    • Manage orders, inventory, accounting, POS, warehouses, shipping and fulfillment in one system
    • Automate your everyday processes and only manage by exception
    • Efficiently manage all your business data in one centralized system
    • Analyze business performance in real-time, based on accurate and easy to read data/span>
    Maximize your customer lifetime value

    Put consumer desire at the heart of your brand

    Your customer lifetime value is a crucial indicator of the success of your business. CLV in the jewelry and luxury goods industry hinges on your customers’ ultimate desire to be recognized, understood and offered personalized product recommendations.

    With Brightpearl’s integrated CRM, you can:

    • Empower your employees to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on data
    • Gain data accuracy, across channels, no matter how much you buy and sell
    • Track orders far beyond the buy button
    • Automate shipping, order tracking, emails, and personalize your service through world-class integrations
    • Tap into the collective intelligence that comes from an all-in-one business management system
    Mould software to your business model

    Quickly adapt to new channels such as D2C

    Whether you’re selling your own range of products or other luxury branded goods, you need to ensure your technology stack can mould itself to your individual business model for streamlined operations and a transformational business.

    With Brightpearl’s retail and wholesale focused solution you can:

    • Cater to all your sales channels as Brightpearl is designed for both retail and wholesale
    • Connect to the world’s leading ecommerce platforms in minutes
    • Store your retail and wholesale business data in a centralized system
    • Integrate with your suppliers’ back office systems via EDI
    Speed up your customer-facing operations

    Harness the power of technology for the ‘want now’ industry

    Most of your clients will be digitally advanced with high expectations. Even the least demanding of your customers expect fast shipping, effortless returns and a vast array of delivery options, including same and next day delivery and click & collect.

    With Brightpearl’s workflow automation, you can:

    • Reduce your time to ship with powerful shipping integrations and automation
    • Update inventory levels across all your channels in real-time
    • Power up your entire operation with rules-based workflow automation
    • Instantly create drop-ship purchase orders and forward allocate sales orders
    Secure your business against theft

    Real-time insights to help protect your business

    The more high-profile your business becomes, the more prone it is to theft; from strangers to internal, the risk to your inventory is too great. Too many luxury goods businesses fall foul to theft and security issues, which is where real-time data insights can help protect your business.

    With Brightpearl’s inventory and warehouse management, you can:

    • Keep an eye on your most valuable inventory at all times
    • Track your products all the way from path to purchase
    • Build inventory counts by zone, location, fast moving inventory and, most importantly, by product value
    • Protect your data with permission-based user accounts
    • Scan barcoded products to avoid any manual errors

    Brightpearl powers operational efficiency at Alex Monroe

    “Since we’ve had Brightpearl, we’ve massively changed the way we work, so our processes are much more streamlined. We’re making a lot of efficiency savings on the back of being able to see everything live in terms of stock, and being able to allocate and dispatch, even on the same day.”

    Tom Cornwell, Wholesale Manager, Alex Monroe

    “Brightpearl has made a lot of our processes much faster and more efficient. What this has meant is that we’ve been able to spend time on new developments, new products, new channels and all sorts of new initiatives because we’ve now got the time to do it.”

    Julian Deverell, Director, The Regency Chess Company

    What jewelry and luxury goods businesses like about Brightpearl

    Brightpearl manages the back office so you can spend more time on branding and market opportunity.

    Integrated CRM

    For centralized customer data

    Powerful automated workflows

    Native to the software

    Automatic order fulfillment

    To reduce your time to ship

    Multichannel order management

    Performs real-time updates across channels

    Effective warehouse management

    Tracks inventory across multiple locations

    Barcode scanning

    For efficient jewelry inventory management

    Integrated POS

    With offline mode capability

    Integrated accounting

    For real-time business insight

    Valuable product lines protected

    Via data-driven insights

    World-class integrations

    We integrate with the leading sales channels, marketplaces and services so you won’t need to compromise on your technology stack.

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    “By having all our retail information stored centrally, there is less room for error. The real-time accounts mean no more paper ledgers or spreadsheets. We no longer have to repeat manual activities saving us time and from having to do monotonous tasks. We can see an overview of the business by just logging into Brightpearl, allowing us to evaluate the business much more efficiently.”

    Jonathan Partridge, Director - David Shuttle

    Streamline your jewelry and luxury goods business

    Find out how Brightpearl can fully streamline your jewelry and luxury goods business with a personalized, no-obligation demo from our business experts.