Integrate your sales channels with our multichannel inventory management software

Confidently offer the same stock across all of your channels, without the risk of double selling or stock-outs.



Manage Your Multichannel Inventory in One Place

Brightpearl syncs with all of your retail channels and lets you manage your inventory in one place. With native integrations for the most popular ecommerce platforms and sales channels, Brightpearl provides a truly integrated experience for your multichannel retail. 

the priory increased revenue by up to 30% with brightpearl

brightpearl lets you reorder stock at the right time


Restock at the right time

Brightpearl combines inventory levels from your retail channels with low stock reporting, historic sales data and powerful cost of goods accounting to deliver real time insight into what to reorder and when to conserve working capital to maximize return on investment. 


Save Valuable Selling Time

Brightpearl cuts out unnecessary administrative tasks, leaving you more time to concentrate on growing your business. With Brightpearl managing your multichannel retail, you can reassign your team from back office functions to customer facing roles. 

the priory saved up to 60 hours per month with Brightpearl's multichannel inventory software

Our Integrations

Brightpearl integrates with popular ecommerce platforms and sales channels so you can manage your inventory in one place.

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