James and James 

Sending one parcel is easy, sending thousands of orders every day can be a logistical nightmare. We help SMEs to focus on their sales by providing a completely outsourced warehousing and order fulfilment solution. We store, pick, pack and despatch orders on behalf of online retailers.

So what is it that we do differently?

We built James and James Fulfilment because we were both frustrated by outdated logistics systems in retail, and have solved a number of issues present in the eCommerce fulfilment industry. We built a warehouse management system from scratch, utilising cloud technologies and without preconceptions.

The result is an order fulfilment warehouse, that while many miles away, provides complete visibility to retailers - often they can see the operation in more detail than if it were in-house. By using cloud-based technology our system is quickly scalable, allowing us to bring on more warehouses in days, not weeks.

Internally, our system decides which orders are most urgent and calculates the most efficient pick route. We also use digital-photos as well as words to identify products, so we can bring on new staff and get them working within minutes, without loss of accuracy. Two further checks are used to ensure 100% accuracy.

Information is provided in real-time over the internet; a big change from the old days of emails and file transfers. Since our technology allows us to integrate with multiple online shops, accounting packages and CRMs, we basically allow logistics to be automated; meaning all companies can benefit in a way normally only affordable by very big business.



Cambridge, UK

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