Variants & Configurable Products (Magento)

Variants are supported by both Brightpearl and Magento. Once each individual variant has been created in both Brightpearl and Magento they can be connected SKU-to-SKU like any other simple product. Once connected Brightpearl is able to manage inventory levels and prices.

Configurable products

Although Brightpearl automatically groups variants so that they can be managed together, Magento will not do this. Since Magento considers each variant an individual product they can each be listed on the website as separate products but often the desired display is a single page where the customer is able to select the product options from drop down menus. In order to achieve this a configurable product is required in Magento.

A configurable product must be created directly in Magento with a unique SKU which has not been used in Brightpearl. It is not possible to create a configurable product from Brightpearl or using the integartion. The product does not need to be created or connected in Brightpearl.

A configurable product is used as a parent product to group each of the variants. Each of the individual products can be set as "not visible individually" so that a single page exists for all the items on the website.

Price management

Brightpearl will update the prices of the individual variants in Magento but will not manage the configurable product since it is not connected. Standard Magento functionality says that the products are displayed on the webpage using the prices set against the configurable product, this means that prices will need to be managed directly in Magento. Alternatively a dummy product can be created in Brightpearl and connected to the configurable product purely for managing the price.

There are also various Magento extensions available which allow prices to be displayed directly from the individual variants:

Inventory management

The availability of each individual variant product is managed by Brightpearl. If one variant goes out of stock the rest will continue to sell - Magento will hide those which are no longer in stock. There are extensions available to prevent the options from being hidden without allowing them to continue to sell.