Overview of Brightpearl POS App

Our iPad based Point of sale has been designed specifically for retail and wholesale environments, covering all core workflows without complicated workarounds, or crowded screens with pointless buttons. We’ve designed our POS with our retail and wholesale customers to ensure it’s direct, simple, and efficient. Your weekend and seasonal staff can learn it within a matter of minutes, and focus their attention on the customer, not struggling with software.

Never miss a sale with complete insight into inventory across your business

Powered by Brightpearl means that your staff will have insight into inventory across your business directly from their point of sale terminal. This means that rather than rummaging around at the back of the store, calling up other stores - or even worse, just saying “I don’t know”, your staff will quickly be able to locate an item and either take the sale or direct the customer where the item can be found..

Provide an omnichannel experience with a single customer profile across all channels

With Brightpearl behind your Point of Sale, you’ve got instant access to your existing customers, your team will know exactly who is a new customer and who is repeat business. As well as avoiding retaking information or creating duplicate records, you can simply lookup a customer’s details and take the sale. We’ll then continue to track all their activity on a single contact record providing a rich, 360° data source of customer behaviour for your reporting.   

Offline mode allows you to mobilize your in-store experience to trade shows, popups or on the road

A store going offline may not be so common these days, but poor internet connections at events or for travelling sales reps is. Rather than grind your sales to a halt, or resorting to pen and paper, Brightpearl’s point of sale is constantly storing and refreshing the data held on the device, meaning if you go offline, you aren’t stuck and your data isn’t lost. Orders will still be captured, and as soon as you’re online, everything will synchronize.

Avoid unnecessary discounting with user level permissions.

Direct integration with Brightpearl allows you to select the level of permission for each staff member; are they a manager, and therefore need the ability to perform end of day duties, overrides or discounts, or are they a cashier simply taking orders and performing refunds. Brightpearl takes this a step further by allowing you to set a maximum order discount level for each staff member. The point of sale won’t proceed if the discount level is above the cashier’s discount level without authorization of someone in the store that has the required discount allowance, or not at all if nobody does, avoiding any harmful or against policy discounts.

See your store performance in real time and keep your reporting accurate with automated inventory management and accounting

All in-store activity is synchronized back to Brightpearl alongside all your other channels, providing you with a single source of truth and insight for your performance across your omnichannel business. Not only can you view sales, but costs, profitability, purchases and customer debt too, empowering you to make truly data driven decisions.