Gift Receipts in EPOS

Near the holiday season people will be increasingly keen for a gift receipt, one which they can give with a gift just in case the receiver wishes to return it. All you need to do is create a new template in Brightpearl and make sure you print it before closing the sale in EPOS.

Gift receipt template

Since Brightpearl templates are generally used for printing on A4 you'll need to make sure all the details are on the left hand side, otherwise you'll find the edge cut off or it will resize so small that you won't be able to read it!

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates.
  2. Add a new template and call it something handy, like "EPOS Gift Receipt".
  3. Add all the details you'd like to print, such as company logo, name, phone number and order number. Make sure you include the widget "_productTable_".
  4. Once you've added the content scroll to the bottom to edit the columns that appear in the product'll want to remove prices for a start.
  5. Save your template.

Printing a gift receipt in EPOS

  1. Start a new sale
  2. Before clicking Close + pay click the Print button.
  3. Select your gift receipt template.
  4. Click the print option at the top of the screen and send it to your receipt printer.