Processing a Refund & Return

If a customer returns their items for a refund you’ll need to process it through EPOS to record the money refunded and the items returned into stock.

When they have their receipt

If a customer returns an item it normal practice to ask for the original receipt. This will allow you to easily create the refund simply by scanning or typing in the original order number.

Using the original sale will automatically create the sales credit with exactly the same details. The credit is closed in the same way as a normal sale, but the payment recorded will create the accounting as a refund. You will need to refund the customer using a payment method outside of Brightpearl, just like when you take payment for a sale.

When they don't have their receipt

If a customer doesn’t have their original receipt but you still agree to refund them, you can begin a new credit from scratch, adding on the products as you would with a normal sale.

Begin a new credit by clicking the New refund button.

If in the EPOS settings screen you chose to require customer details doe sales credits you will be prevented from closing and paying the credit. Use the Change customer link at the top of the screen to input the customer details.