Shipping Methods for Magento

Shipping methods available to customers purchasing through a Magento website are setup directly within Magento. Where a shipping method of the same name exists in Brightpearl it will now automatically be assigned to an order when it downloads from Magento.  

Note that shipping methods must be named using the Magento API format of Carrier_method, e.g. “UPS_XPD” is used for UPS Worldwide Expedited and Flat rate is “Flat rate_flat rate”. We recommend you manually create those which you require to be auto-assigned to downloaded Magento orders - this can be done by adding additional shipping methods or by editing the name of one you already use.

Where no shipping method can be matched orders will continue to download with no shipping method set.

Shipping charges will continue to be added as a miscellaneous line item along with the shipping method name from Magento.

This functionality already exists for eBay who also use their own naming formats for shipping methods. This means you may have multiple shipping methods in Brightpearl for a single shipping option that you provide. In order to ensure you are able to manage all shipments for a single shipping method we’ve also added the ability to filter your goods-out notes list by multiple shipping methods...