Shipping Methods, Prices & Zones

If you are selling items that need to be shipped by mail order, it is quite likely that you want to charge a part of this cost to the customer. Brightpearl has a powerful shipping structure that allows you to define an unlimited number of shipping methods, apply price breaks (by weight, total price or quantity) and limit the shipping methods available to different geographical regions. This ensures you have the correct shipping options and prices available when creating an order.

You can also apply different templates to shipping methods to ensure you create goods-out notes using the correct layout and information fields. For example, your packing notes for Royal Mail are printed with a PPI mark and two addresses at the top for peel-off labels, whereas your DHL packing note may have "track your package here" information.

If you're shipping on behalf of another company you may be interested in creating documents using a completely different brand, including company details and logo, read more about Channel Brands.

Setting Up

When you setup your shipping you need to set up the Shipping Methods and Zones before the Shipping Prices. You will also need to activate the shipping quote section on your sales orders, and then you will be able to add a shipping charge to an order with a single click.

1. Shipping Methods

Shipping Methods are used to define the different types of delivery method that might be used. For example:

  • First Class
  • Express Delivery
  • Free Super Saver Delivery

Breaks allow you to charge a variable shipping charge corresponding to one of three order properties:

  • Total order weight
  • Total order price
  • Number of items

Read more about price breaks

To add new shipping methods:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping methods.
  2. Click the Add a shipping method button.
  3. Enter the Shipping method name (max 128 characters).
  4. (Optional) Enter a shipping method code.
  5. (Optional) To restrict a certain shipping method to certain geographical regions (as defined by the customers delivery address), enter a comma separated list of country codes (you will need your countries set up in Brightpearl).
  6. Select the break type to define how shipping costs are incremented, e.g. quantity of items.
  7. Define the breaks in prices, e.g. 10 more items/grams/pounds will mean a higher shipping price (prices are defined separately).
  8. Specify whether the total order weight and number of boxes should be recorded against the goods-out for this shipping method.
  9. (Optional) Select the Template tab and specify which goods-out note template should be used when this shipping method is applied on an order. You can assign a different one per channel brand.
  10. Click Save.

Once you have defined Shipping Methods, create your Shipping Zones.

2. Shipping Zones

Shipping Zones allow you to apply different Shipping Prices depending on where the customer is ordering from; this comes from their address details. Create a Shipping Zone for each country or group of countries that you wish to ship to. For Example:

Zone 1: United Kingdom
Zone 2: United Kingdom (offshore) – Jersey, Guernsey etc
Zone 3: Europe
Zone 4: USA
Zone 5: Rest of World

The two-character country codes used can be viewed at Settings > Localisation > Countries; these are the ISO standard codes.
ISO 3 letter country codes
ISO 2 letter country codes

To add a Shipping Zone:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping zones.
  2. Click the Add shipping zone button.
  3. Enter a name for the zone.
  4. Enter a comma separated list of country codes this zone covers.

You can now define the Shipping Prices per Zone and Method.

3. Shipping Prices

Once you have defined your shipping zones and shipping methods, you can now enter what the customer should be charged.

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Prices.
  2. From the drop-down menu select a shipping method to enter the prices for each zone.
  3. You can manually enter the VAT exclusive price per break per zone. To quickly copy the same prices across more than zone, enter the prices in the Quick-add fields and then use the Copy from quick-add row link against each zone to apply those price to.
  4. Click the Save changes button.

Note: These prices are net (without VAT) so to charge a UK customer £2.00 total shipping, enter 1.667.

2.00 / 1.20 (T20) = 1.667

Price Breaks

The breaks are defined on the Shipping Method and the cost on the Shipping Price per Shipping Zone.

Shipping Matrix example 1:

Break (weight/g)0100500100050009999999
Shipping Zone Charge (ex tax)05.00010.00015.0000.00000.0000

An order weighing 750g would fall within the 1000g price break and hence cost £15 (ex).
An order weighing 1Kg would also cost £15 as breaks are inclusive.
Orders over 1Kg (1000g) are set to be free as they fall within the 5000g break.


  • Breaks are inclusive - orders up to and including the break will be charged at a given break's corresponding cost.
  • Prices are NET of tax - see Shipping prices below.
  • Free Shipping requires a Zero first break. Best to include it from the outset, even if you don't use it.
    Free shipping is applied at the per product level on the product edit page, or with a discount voucher.
  • Top Break - set a catch-all top break.
    Remember, breaks are inclusive, so a very large order may tip over the highest break if the break is not large enough.

Shipping Matrix Example 2:

Break (weight/g)0100500100050009999999
Zone 1 (United Kingdom)05.00010.00015.0000.00000.0000
Zone 2 (United Kingdom (offshore))010.00020.00030.00040.000050.0000

The above example shows that you can charge differing amounts according to which Shipping Zone the delivery country lies in.

Note: All zones are displayed for all shipping methods, regardless of which countries are enabled for the given shipping method. Also, each country can only be included in a single shipping zone, i.e. shipping zones cannot overlap to include a country in more than one zone.

Adding Shipping Methods to Templates

You can add the Shipping Method to templates, such as packing notes. Amend your template to include this widget: