At Limesharp we do anything and everything relating to Magento ecommerce web design and development. And we pride ourselves on being able to handle anything our clients can throw at us. Whether that comes in the form of exciting design challenges, integrating with third party software, streamlining systems and processes, improving conversion rates, or extending Magento’s core functionality, we thrive on innovation and delivering results.

We’re a Magento ecommerce agency based in London, and we love what we do. We have a close working relationship with the vast majority of our clients, who range from small niche retailers to larger high street brands, and everything inbetween. We pride ourselves on being experts in our field, and share our knowledge regularly with the Magento community via our blog.

Our goal as your ecommerce partner is to be at the heart of your success. We want your customer base and market share to grow. We want to deliver the best experience for those customers. We want your revenue to soar. We want you to be two steps ahead of the competition and we want to be there beside you every step of the way.

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London, UK

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Web Agency