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Retail ERP for Magento

ERP solutions bring a depth of functionality to your business, but also introduce complicated workflows and expensive integrations. Brightpearl’s retail operations offer the support you need to grow your business without requiring lengthy implementations and costly support.

Key features that our Magento users love


Integrated Inventory Demand Planning

Know how your business is performing with data-driven forecasting. Identify inventory trends like seasonality, out of stock periods, average sales, trends and product lead times across all your channels. Always have the right products available at the right time.

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Business intelligence built for merchants

Get instant access to data-driven retail insights and analytics like product and customer info, financial reporting and demand planning reports. Make smarter and faster decisions with a complete picture of your business performance.


Integrated Warehouse Management

Barcode scanning, inventory counts, workflow automation and flexible fulfillment options integrated with your entire back office. Protect your business by eliminating costly errors and ensure your customers have the best experience with every sale.


Multichannel order management

Create a seamless shopping experience for all of your customers on any channel you sell. Avoid overselling and ensure efficiency even with high order volumes to keep your customers coming back from more.


Retail accounting software

Get real-time insight into your business performance on your Magento sites and any other sales channels. With accurate and timely data, make the right decisions to better manage costs, reduce risk and stay agile in all trading environments.


Efficient shipping and order fulfillment software

Process more orders faster by combining sales, inventory and purchase data. Simplified pick, pack and ship workflows allow you to focus more resources on growth create the best service for your customers.


Flexible purchase order and supplier management

Integrated inventory levels and sales performance allow you to keep your business profitable. Ensure you’re meeting demand by analyzing sales performance and automatically reordering any necessary inventory.


Integrate retail POS

Integrate Brightpearl’s POS with your Magento stores to ensure your business runs without interruption, regardless of how or where customers buy. Access inventory across all locations to ensure you never miss a sale.

Streamline all your online sales channels in one single system

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