Brightpearl Mail Store


Synchronize your email with Brightpearl Mail Store to let Brightpearl become the single source of truth for all customer communication. Eliminating the need for your team to:

  • Spend time searching their inbox for old conversations

  • Manually paste notes into Brightpearl

  • Fly blind when speaking to a customer on the phone

You and your team can spend less time looking for communications and focus on actually speaking to customers.


Mail Store will automatically add email correspondence to contact timelines in Brightpearl and Mail Store’s infrastructure is built to scale with high volumes of email traffic.

You can install this app by logging into your Brightpearl account; clicking through to the App Store at the top of the screen and activating the Mail Store App. This app costs £20/$30/month. Check out Mail Store’s documentation to see a detailed overview of how it works and how to get setup.