Our People

Transparency and access to leaders are critical to the team we have built at Brightpearl. Meet the team that is leading the way.

  • Derek.jpg

    Derek O'Carroll
    Chief Executive Officer

  • nick-shaw.jpg

    Nick Shaw
    General Manager

  • scott-hill.jpg

    Scott Hill
    SVP of Product

  • Jacqui_photo.jpg

    Jacqui Fernandez
    Chief of Staff

Derek has been CEO of Brightpearl since May 2016 and is responsible for the overall company strategy and delivering on Brightpearl’s mission to enable intelligent retail. Before joining Brightpearl, Derek served as Senior Vice President of Field Sales and Marketing at Norton, responsible for $1.7bn of revenue globally. Since Derek became CEO of Brightpearl, his drive, vision and leadership has seen Brightpearl go from strength to strength. The company has seen significant growth in its core customer base, cementing its position as an invaluable asset for mid-sized merchants seeking a competitive edge.

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Nick has been General Manager of Brightpearl since July 2019 and is responsible for EMEA Sales, Global Marketing and Alliances. Before joining Brightpearl, Nick was GM and Vice President of the EMEA Consumer business at Symantec and was responsible for a $500m revenue business. Prior to Symantec, he held various senior leadership positions in start-ups and services businesses in the UK and Asia Pacific.

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Scott is SVP of Product at Brightpearl. He joined Brightpearl in February 2012 and has worked in various technical and customer-facing roles within the company. For the last three years, Scott has led Brightpearl’s product management and business analyst teams and is responsible for the company’s overall product strategy, working with Brightpearl’s development teams to deliver projects across the core product portfolio. Scott has also been the driving force behind designing and building Brightpearl’s advanced products such as workflow automation and WMS. Scott has a background in software design, and in addition to his role at Brightpearl, holds non-exec director positions at a number of SaaS businesses in the retail tech ecosystem.

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Jacqui is Chief of Staff at Brightpearl. She joined Brightpearl in August 2017 and leads the Business Operations team including Revenue Operations, HR, Learning & Development and Legal. Before working at Brightpearl, Jacqui held senior management roles within Autodesk’s financial divisions and was responsible for business partnering with sales teams, strategic planning, forecasting and FP&A. Jacqui’s early career history spans several financial and operational roles at prominent technology companies including Symantec and Honeywell.

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  • Anthony_P.jpg

    Anthony Payne
    VP of Global Marketing

  • Stuart-Pick.jpg

    Stuart Pick
    VP of Global Alliances

  • michael+sherman+brightpearl.jpg

    Michael Sherman
    VP of Sales

  • justin+press.jpg

    Justin Press
    SVP of Customer Success

Anthony is VP of Marketing for Brightpearl. He joined Brightpearl in February 2017 and is responsible for the overall go-to-market strategy, pipeline development, brand, messaging and product and company positioning. Prior to joining Brightpearl, Anthony built the marketing function for a number of private equity-backed scale-up B2B SaaS vendors, including Patsnap and Socialbakers. Earlier in his career, Anthony held various product and marketing leadership roles in blue chip companies including General Electric and BlackBerry. 

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Stuart is VP of Global Alliances for Brightpearl. Stuart joined Brightpearl in August 2011 as a Sales Executive and is now responsible for the company’s global partnership strategy; across both new and existing alliances, as well as agency and technology partners. Stuart has more than 13 years experience working in cloud technology and has held various senior sales executive and account manager roles, including at Oracle, intY and Solsoft.

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Michael is VP of US Sales at Brightpearl. Michael joined Brightpearl in June 2017 and is responsible for creating and executing the US sales team’s go-to-market and operational strategies in line with the company’s core objectives and revenue goals. Before working at Brightpearl, Michael led and managed a team of business development representatives at NetSuite. Michael’s earlier career history spans a variety of business development and sales roles; across both SME and Fortune 500 companies including Dell, EMC and Avnet.

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Justin is SVP of Customer Success, Professional Services & Support at Brightpearl. Justin joined the company in July 2011, and following success in a variety of senior leadership roles, is now responsible for the overall strategy of all three customer engagement departments, ensuring Brightpearl clients are setup for success from day one and throughout their journey with the company. Prior to joining Brightpearl, Justin managed teams and projects delivering Sage and other ERP solutions for Sage platinum partner, K3 FDS, across varying sectors in Europe; from retail to oil and gas.

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  • Oliver+Holmes.jpg

    Oliver Holmes
    Group Financial Director

Oliver is Group Finance Director for Brightpearl. He joined Brightpearl in August 2017 and is responsible for the company’s business planning, fundraising activities, growth investment rounds and SaaS performance metrics. Prior to joining Brightpearl, Oliver was Director of Finance and Operations at VC-backed media company, Dojo Media, which saw him managing the global operations of the business including finance, legal, HR and recruitment, alongside building a financial plan to inform and solidify the business’ strategy. Oliver began his career in the audit practice of PwC before specializing in VC-backed SaaS businesses like Dojo Media and Sefaira.

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