Perceptium is a Brightpearl Systems Integrator, developing solutions using the Brightpearl API to extend the capabilities of the Brightpearl platform.





Perceptium develops Apps and customisations for the Brightpearl platform and to meet individual customer’s needs. Using the Brightpearl API, we’re able to build integrations with other software applications such as CRM, accounts, warehouse management, 3PL’s and service management.
Perceptium has also developed integrations with other ecommerce platforms and marketplaces such as Tesco Direct, and developed custom reporting services for Brightpearl customers where they had very specific reporting requirements. A key strength of Perceptium is our ability to understand a business issue and provide a technical solution that delivers a high return on investment.
We think in terms of business process, operational need or business opportunity, speaking your language, not technical jargon. We have first-hand experience of implementing Brightpearl, providing expertise to Brightpearl customers on a consultancy basis, and past experience of using the Brightpearl platform day to day to run a successful ecommerce business. With over 50 years of combined experience of business systems, project management and systems integration, we have worked with a wide range of business applications including finance and accounting, order management, customer service, CRM and logistics, both at a business process level and at a technical (API) level. 


Randy Strome, Director | Wiredsport

"I contacted Brightpearl Partner Perceptium to assist us in developing a solution to a business specific issue we were having with Brightpearl.  I considered the problem to be quite complex and was unsure that what I was requesting would be possible. Perceptium responded quickly, understood the intricacies of my request and proposed a better than expected solution.  The implementation was complete and on time.  Support after installation has been terrific.  Highly recommended!"


Sync your data with other business systems automatically – saving time and money

Extract data from Brightpearl and build your own SQL Server Reporting Database

Connect Brightpearl to new marketplaces, shipping services or your 3PL partner

Feed supplier stock availability into Brightpearl for drop-shipping or B2B quotations

Automate time-consuming data entry tasks



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