Nature inspired homeware brand blossoms with Brightpearl and Shopify Plus

Artisan homeware business Bloomist has selected Brightpearl and Shopify Plus to help manage its growth as it enters the next season in its success story. 

The nature inspired brand has opted for Brightpearl’s flexible, built for retail platform to provide it with the necessary tools to streamline its operations and plan for the future. With Brightpearl at the heart of its business Bloomist will save hours on order processing time by leveraging the power of automation to optimize key workflows, whilst Brightpearl’s purchasing, accounting and reporting features will be important components in aiding the firm’s next stage of growth.

Founded in the fall of 2018, the eco friendly homeware company is the brainchild of Michael Zung and Alex Bates, selling a wide variety of textiles, vessels, decorations and botanicals designed to bring a natural feel to homes across the US. Its mission to make a material difference by doing good is reflected across all areas of the business, be that through its partnerships with community focused local artisans, or its diverse product range which are crafted from natural materials via environmentally friendly production methods.

Bloomist joins the growing class of forward-thinking brands which are utilizing the powerful yet agile combination of Brightpearl and ecommerce platform Shopify Plus to manage the demands of an unpredictable retail landscape, and futureproof the business.  

“While we are a new company, we realized quickly that we would need a far more robust system to manage and plan demand given very unpredictable and quickly changing market conditions.” said Michael Zung, CEO of Bloomist. “After an exhaustive search of options, Brightpearl was the digital operations platform that fit our specific needs. Brightpearl’s guidance through implementation and great customer support has helped make the overall transition a smooth one.”

With Brightpearl at the heart of its operations, Bloomist will benefit from a range of features designed solely for retail, including demand planning software which will take the guesswork out of ordering,real-time data on hand to identify overstocked SKUs and highlight seasonal sales trends, and accurate stock order forecasting to ensure that demand is met with supply. 

“Brightpearl’s customers understand that in the current retail climate it’s necessary for businesses to remain flexible and adaptable in order to thrive,” said Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl. “There is an emerging group of brands that are revamping their technology partnerships as an essential end to that goal. 

“We’re proud to be powering Bloomist in their quest to bring sustainable, nature inspired homeware to homesteads across the US. In selecting Brightpearl as its digital operations platform, Bloomist is ensuring that its operations are sustainable and built to last.”


About Brightpearl

Brightpearl is the number one digital operations platform (DOP) for the retail and wholesale sector. Built to manage the complexity of modern business, the scalable platform offers insights for fast decision-making, the flexibility to respond to rapid changes in demand and smooth integrations with other core operational systems within the organisation. 

Brightpearl’s complete DOP solution includes financial management, inventory and sales order management, purchasing and supplier management, CRM, fulfillment, warehouse and logistics. Brightpearl’s configurable automation workflows also have measurable time and cost saving impact for our customers, allowing them to focus more resources on growing the business. In addition, the solution has high-performing connectors to the major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. 

1,000 retail businesses from across the world use our platform and we manage over 10m transactions and $3bn of business a year. Our team guides retail businesses through a highly efficient implementation process which typically gets them up and running in less than 60 days – twice as fast as our competitors.

Brightpearl’s US headquarters is in the heart of downtown Austin with a global headquarters in Bristol, UK. You can connect with us on Twitter (@BrightpearlHQ), LinkedIn (, and Facebook ( 

Media contact:

Mark Hook

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Mar 30, 2021