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Top Running Brand Selects Brightpearl to Outpace the Competition

AUSTIN, TX, January 7, 2020 – Fleet Feet has chosen Brightpearl to help accelerate its order processing as its sales skyrocket.

Founded in Sacramento, California, in 1976, Fleet Feet has been outfitting runners with top quality sneakers and athletics apparel for almost 45 years and has grown to be the largest franchisor of running specialty stores in the United States with 180 locally owned and operated locations across 38 states.  

By selecting Brightpearl as its digital operations platform, Fleet Feet can now better optimize and streamline its fulfilment process, saving time on manual tasks and delivering products to eager runners at breakneck speed. Brightpearl is now the central operating system and is powering automation for the entire Fleet Feet ecommerce fulfilment operation, from the moment the customer places an order, all the way through to shipping or collection via curbside pick up.  

Fleet Feet will also benefit from Brightpearl’s intuitive, geo-location order routing, which automatically directs orders to the closest physical store based on the customer’s location, cutting back on processing time, shipping costs and enabling the brand to process a higher volume of orders each day. 

“We are thrilled to work with Brightpearl and take advantage of their robust geo-location order routing rules and customizable order routing logic as we continue to grow and expand our ecommerce operations.” said Jason Jabaut, VP Digital Operations, Fleet Feet. “Brightpearl is playing an integral role in the supply chain of the Fleet Feet customer experience.”

With Brightpearl in place, Fleet Feet will benefit from an all-in-one operations solution that offers a real time view of inventory, sales and reporting, helping the firm optimize its ecommerce operation, fuel data-driven future business decisions, and outpace the competition. 

“We’re delighted to be powering Fleet Feet on their next stage of growth. The business knows that flexible, speedy fulfilment offers a key competitive advantage in an ecommerce space that is rapidly expanding.” said Justin Press, SVP of Customer Success at Brightpearl. 

“Brightpearl’s geo-location order routing will ensure that Fleet Feet can take advantage of its physical presence, shipping to any one of its 180 stores based on whichever is most convenient for the customer. And, by automating its entire operation the business will reduce errors and speed up the time it takes to get orders out the door – ultimately enabling the brand to keep its promise to customers and ship higher volumes of orders seamlessly and quickly.” 



Jan 07, 2021