Accurate Purchase Order Management

Supply chain and purchase orders are critical for growing your retail business. Brightpearl automatically tracks your inventory and sales, providing you with both accurate data for analysis and forecasting, and purchase order management to track incoming inventory. 


lush longboards were brightpearl's first customer

Full supply chain visibility

Inventory doesn’t just appear out of thin air ready to be sold, so why settle for software that acts that way? Brightpearl includes a flexible purchase ordering module, which means you’ll spend less time wrangling emails and spreadsheets, and more time developing good supplier relationships and selling.

Purchase orders are placed formally with the factory using Brightpearl. Everyone in the company knows what’s due to come in, so customers get up to date and accurate information.
— Rich Auden, Director, Lush Longboards

Accurately account for your inventory without the extra work

Brightpearl’s integrated purchase order management automatically accounts for your inventory asset values, cost of goods sold and accounts payables. Brightpearl uses FIFO for tracking product costs, giving you a picture of total assets in your warehouse, projected profits and accurate COGS.

screenshot of brightpearl product listings
image showing the priory saved 60 hours per month

Understand your products true profitability

If you include freight, duty, insurance and other landing fees, how profitable is your product actually? Is an overseas vendor still more cost effective? Brightpearl has complete insight into your purchasing. It allows you to accurately hit your product margin targets by catering for any handling charges, resulting in accurate landed costs tracking and insight into a product's profitability. 

Build better supplier relationships

Avoid late shipments or disputes, and keep up with changing vendor contacts, pricing and terms. Brightpearl keeps a full history and global view of your interactions and contacts within your vendors. Integrated purchasing and accounting allows you to track accounts payables and changing prices systematically. 

We’ve got good data which you need to make good sales and buying decisions. We’ve increased our revenue by 30% with Brightpearl.
— Leo Jarvis, Director, The Priory
the priory saw a 30% revenue increase

Forecast and plan your replenishment

Forecasting and purchasing plans are only as good as their underlying data. Brightpearl automatically collects all the required data to forecast inventory levels for precise purchasing decisions. You can then use that data to create your own models or use a tool like Lokad for an algorithmic approach.