Inventory doesn’t just appear out of thin air ready to be sold, so why settle for software that acts that way? Brightpearl includes a flexible purchase ordering module, which means you’ll spend less time wrangling emails and spreadsheets.

Full supply chain management

Manage purchase orders from your replenishment/buying plans all the way to their arrival at the warehouse. Your team will have full visibility on what has been ordered and when it is due to arrive. Track your vendor contacts, invoices and contracts in Brightpearl’s vendor management module.

A big step forwards for us is being able to match our invoices to purchase orders within the same system. It makes accounting so much easier. The fact that Brightpearl encompasses so many features means our business data is up-to-date and reliable.
— Jon Burrage, Founder, The Triathlon Shop

Forecast and plan your replenishment

Remove the need for pulling disparate reports from your different sales channels and combine with your inventory to build replenishment plans. Brightpearl has all the data you need to create your own models or use a tool like Lokad to take an automated approach for reordering.


Accurately receive products when they arrive

Connected purchase orders mean that your warehouse staff are receiving inventory against specific orders. This significantly increases your inventory accuracy by highlighting supplier mistakes, damages, and any other discrepancies. Having a detailed understanding of your supplier issues allows you to make objective decisions when evaluating suppliers or negotiating.

EDI integration to automate purchasing

Some larger suppliers will accept (or sometimes mandate) automated purchasing via EDI. Brightpearl maintains integrations to leading EDI providers, allowing you to automatically send purchase orders and receive invoices with your suppliers.

We make use of the powerful price lists feature in Brightpearl to list only a certain subset of our products online at RRP, whilst also supporting per-country and per customer pricing for our distribution network. I easily manage hundreds of SKUs and prices, changing the system regularly to benefit from currency fluctuations.
— Rich Auden, Director, Lush Longboards

Manage supplier price lists

Brightpearl allows you to store product pricing against individual suppliers, or track different quantity breaks or prices based on season. You and your purchasing team will be able to quickly update Brightpearl with your supplier's most recent pricing with the price list management feature. If you negotiate a one-off price reduction, Brightpearl will carry that through to the product sale without the need to globally update cost price or alert your accountant.