Through our eBay app you can connect your activities on eBay with the rest of your business, keeping it in sync and cutting down on your daily tasks. Inventory can now be shared live with your other sales channels, maximising selling potential and minimizing effort, and the risk double selling. Your eBay sales will come into Brightpearl automatically, along with any sales made on other channels. This means you are fulfilling, managing and reporting from one dedicated business system, rather than several admin areas.

With Brightpearl behind eBay we open up flexibility around fulfilment, as you can now fulfil orders in bulk, or even partially fulfil and order whilst creating a drop-ship purchase order for the remainder. As soon as this has happened, Brightpearl will update the eBay order status for you, taking any tracking references with it.

Without structure behind your eBay marketplace, you leave yourself very open to not fulfil orders in time, or not notify customers of any updates. This opens you up to negative feedback, which can’t be recovered from very easily!


  • Sync orders, inventory, and pricing updates with the rest of your business
  • Connect multiple eBay accounts to Brightpearl, assigning each with their own stock, pricing and company branding
  • Connects products in Brightpearl to listings in eBay automatically by SKU, with the ability to customise the connection to another product if you need to
  • List to eBay from within Brightpearl using customisable templates

This app is included within the Ecommerce Bundle. You can find out more details here.