Managing Amazon FBA inventory


FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), is Amazon's fulfilment service that enables you to not only make significant savings in warehouse storage and logistics, but also unlock your full potential as an Amazon merchant. With Brightpearl behind your Amazon accounts, we’ll capture all of your FBA orders for reporting and financial management, and recognize your Amazon FBA inventory alongside any other stock pools to give you a full picture. We also provide order and inventory management for your FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) orders.

Brightpearl’s Amazon FBA integration

Put together as a piece within our larger Amazon integration, our integration ensures that FBA orders are handled automatically. Within Brightpearl you can create multiple warehouses as you need to recognize inventory across your business. This means that you can clearly separate your privately warehoused inventory from your FBA inventory. Using Brightpearl’s inventory transfer module, you can easily manage transfers to and from your warehouse to FBA fulfillment centers.

When orders download from Amazon, we identify which orders are FBA vs. FBM, and we’ll automatically specify the right fulfillment warehouse in Brightpearl, keeping the inventory  levels in sync.

Any other inventory discrepancies such as damages can be easily entered via a stock correction, automatically updating your accounting.

Unlock sales potential by selling on FBA

Using FBA gains you a higher chance of populating a product’s Buy Box - there are several ways to achieve the buy box, but FBA has become a must for highly contended listings. As noted on their description page, item availability and good fulfilment are other key factors in winning the Buy Box. Using Amazon as your fulfillment provider removes the risk of inaccurate or late shipments! 

Benefits of Amazon FBA

For those with a good product fit on Amazon, there are multiple advantages of using FBA from a fulfillment and logistics perspective. First and foremost, it means you don’t need to store the inventory yourselves. Storage space is expensive, and lack of storage space is often quoted as a forced hand for having to put items on sale at a reduced profit or holding off on purchasing new product lines. When using FBA, you can store some or all of your inventory with Amazon, potentially completely negating your need for storage space and management of a fulfillment process.

From a logistics point of view, your shipments are going to be processed through the well tuned, high throughput machine that is Amazon. That means shipments have the best chance to make it to customers on time and undamaged without you working through the night. Amazon’s is able to negotiate significantly lower shipping rates which means you are able to sell your items at a lower cost or retain additional margin usually lost to shipping.