Landed Costs


Landed Costs is a Brightpearl app that enables you to to capture and analyse the total cost of a landed shipment including purchase price, freight, insurance, custom duties and other costs up to the port of destination.

Knowing the total landed cost to purchase each and every item will enable you to:

  • Accurately calculate the profit you make on every sale for reporting performance
  • Ensure sales prices are set at a profitable level
  • Analyse where savings can be made in the supply chain
  • Correctly account for landed costs for accurate financial reports

With just a few clicks this feature allows you to allocate your landed costs across multiple items on purchase order or which have already been received into stock via an order (not yet sold). Once the cost is allocated, the item will flow through the inventory, sales and accounting system at its new uplifted value so that all reporting and accounting uses the new landed cost.

If you would like to find out more about the consultancy involved, then please contact our Customer Success team.