Priceforge by Lokad


A data visualization engine that let you compose your very own dashboards. Gather KPIs, trends, charts in one place. Experiment on prices, stock levels or assortments and observe the results. Refine further your pricing strategies. Moreover data visualization is tightly integrated with the pricing engine, because what you need to look at depends on the actual strategy considered.

A pricing engine that produces the revised prices based on the data available. Write your own pricing strategy through a tiny language named Envision, not very different from formulas found in Microsoft Excel. Keep the full control on your prices, but stop manually updating all prices item by item all the time. Focus on the pricing logic not individual price figures.

Bring Big Data processing capabilities to your commerce. Import tabular files from a large variety of formats and processes thousands of items in seconds. Our largest merchants are repricing hundreds of thousands of articles with extensive data context on Priceforge: entire sales history, web traffic, competitor's prices and more!

You can get started with Lokad for free for yearly revenues up to $450,000 or you can choose a different price plan for revenues exceeding this value. Please get in touch to find out more.