A real time Magento Connector


This Magento connector for Brightpearl takes Brightpearl's integration a few steps further.

There's no need to pre-connect skus in Brightpearl and multichannel retailers can now connect and manage multiple Magento stores from a single Brightpearl account.

Individual Brightpearl sales channels can be connected to individual Magento stores to provide you with profit and loss reporting by sales channel in Brightpearl.

This integration also offers real time synchronisation between Magento and Brightpearl, there's no polling or latency of order creation in Brightpearl, or inventory and price updates back to your Magento stores. The risk of overselling is massively reduced to match retailer expectations.

When using Brightpearl’s product custom fields; you can even manage which skus are pushed to individual Magento stores.

Brightpearl price lists can also be connected to all Magento price list functions including tiered and special pricing with real time updates.

This solution also provides improved tax and coupon handling in Brightpearl to ensure peskey penny rounding issues are handled automatically on order creation for you. It also intelligently applies the correct tax codes to Brightpearl order lines for accurate accounting.

This is the most comprehensive Magento integration for Brightpearl to date with more features being added every month.

Use of this connector depends on your business needs and how many concurrent websites you have. For more information and for pricing details, contact Netmatter on 0845 467 1221. Or you can watch this video to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnmTO3Fi1-g