Shiptheory connects Brightpearl to your carriers, and automates your shipping through its flexible rules engine, and is affordable to businesses of all sizes. 

Shiptheory is an online shipping platform that integrates with the UK's most popular carriers. By bringing all of your carriers together in one managed platform, Shiptheory takes the hassle away from creating shipping labels and manifests.  The team behind Shiptheory have been creating shipping integrations since 2007. There is nothing we love more than stripping hours of manual data entry from your day with awesome, flexible shipping software.


- Automatically process and create labels without the need for typing or copying and pasting
- Configurable rules to automatically select the correct carrier and service for the order
- Web based interface, nothing to install
- Seemlessly integrates with Brightpearl, feeding back tracking numbers and goods out notes updates
- Ability to automatically embed shipping labels into your Brightpearl packing note templates

You can get started with Shiptheory for free, or there are different pricing plans based on the needs of your business. Please get in touch to find out more.