The Netmatter WooCommerce connector for Brightpearl maps sku2sku, synchronising inventory, customer data and orders in real time. Supporting multiple WooCommerce stores and advanced product management through custom fields, it enables you to intelligently push single Brightpearl products to your chosen WooCommerce store in real time. WooCommerce coupons and shipping methods are also fully supported, mapping to order lines in Brightpearl.

Our WooCommerce connector supports real time inventory and price management of simple products and variable products allowing you greater control of your product listings. New products created in Brightpearl are immediately reflected in your WooCommerce admin.

Products downloaded on orders are automatically allocated, reducing the quantity available to sell on all channels and eliminating the nightmare of over selling. You can also link to product variations, providing you with even more control over your product listings.

Costs of this app depend on your business needs and how many concurrent websites you have. For more information and for pricing please contact us.