Format: 06/2015

Buyer Expectations Around the Retail Delivery Experience

As with all retailers, the challenge is figuring out what your customers want, providing them with that, then exceeding customer expectations. Part of that challenge is down to fulfillment, delivery options and buyer experience, all of which have been hot topics in the retail world of late.

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The Benefits of Real Time Accounting.

In today’s retail industry time is money and retailing is not just an art but a science.

Keeping track of every single transaction in and out of your business will help you to systematically measure revenue and profits, identifying areas of the business which are doing well and where you need to make some changes.

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How To Run a Site Audit as Part of Your SEO Strategy

If optimizing your website for search engines is on the top of your company’s priorities for this year, running a website audit will enable you know what you’re working with first.

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Fashion Business Influencers Cite Digital-Driven Changes

There is much to be learned from the collective intelligence of today’s fashion retail industry. Knowledge, insight and opinion on the what, where, and why within the style industry is only a few clicks away on social media, blogs and online news sites.

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3 Steps to Providing Excellent Customer Service on Twitter.

This guest post has been provided by our partner Creare. Creare are a digital marketing agency with a simple passion; making customers` businesses great by delivering a digital presence that works as hard and affordably as possible through Websites, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Video.

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How to Improve the Operation & Management of your Online Business | Webinar

Running an online business is an exciting experience, but it can also be extremely stressful. Staying on top of the operations and management of a fast moving business can be seem like a constant struggle, but when you have a solid strategy in place, the potential for success is huge. But where do you look to measure your performance?

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April: In Review

Hello and welcome to April: In Review.

This month, as we continue to cut through the click bait and bland content, we have picked out 5 content gems for your reading pleasure.

Having a peek at some of the most interesting, informative and important content from around the web this month, we’ll be keeping the focus on retail, ecommerce and digital marketing.

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3 Great Magento Extensions for Merchandising

Marketing has changed greatly over the past 5 years. More and more businesses turn to content marketing and its various forms in hopes of appeasing search engines and the potential audience.

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Important changes to VAT that every retailer should be aware of.

This post is contributed by Evenstone a partner of ours since 2010. Experts in their field, they provide financial, accounting and bookkeeping services and advice.

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Embracing, Not Bracing for, Fashion’s New Season

The warmer weather is beginning to peek it’s head out of the snow, cold and rain. Thoughts are turning to spring dresses, cotton shirts, and other fashion finds as a new season shines upon us. While this delights consumers as shop owners bring out their spring and summer lines, for retailers, there’s still last season’s stock to contend with.

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