Refer a Friend

Want a free month’s subscription? Or up to £1,000/$1,200 cash

Invite friends to try Brightpearl and for every friend you refer who has a demo of our software you’ll get an entire month free from your subscription, or if you’d rather have cash we’ll give you £500/$600. If they become a customer you’ll double up and get your choice of 2 month’s free from your Brightpearl subscription, or £1,000/$1,200 in cash.

Not only that but the retailer you refer will get a bonus too! We’ll give them 10% off Brightpearl for the first year.

How to refer?

1. Complete the short form to the right --»
2. We’ll contact you to find out more details
3. We’ll contact your friend to assess if Brightpearl is a good fit for their business
4. If it’s a good fit, we’ll demo Brightpearl and you’ll get your choice of 1 month's free subscription or £500/$600
5. If they go live on Brightpearl you’ll get your choice of another month's free subscription or another £500/$600