To harness and ensure profitable growth, you need a system that removes manual tasks and introduces a scalable structured workflow to your operations. Brightpearl’s retail management platform allows you to move resources from the back office to the front office.

Make it easy for your customers to buy and get their orders right first time, every time

By consolidating all order activity into a single system, you’re able to introduce efficiencies that allow you to provide a high quality of service and continue to expand your sales channels. If you see adding Amazon FBA, ecommerce stores, EDI, dropshipping, third party logistics (3PL) or trading internationally as an opportunity to grow, Brightpearl is the perfect system for you.

image showing esquires saved 20 hours per month with brightpearl
esquires logo
When a customer comes into the store we can tell them if we have something in stock straightaway or when we’ll next have it in stock just by looking at our Brightpearl account. There’s no waiting around.
— Tom Williams, Director, Esquires

Stay on top of your omnichannel inventory, avoid overselling and react to opportunities with confidence

Brightpearl ensures your inventory is accurate across all your channels, reserving stock on orders automatically, and updating inventory levels as new shipments depart and arrive. Brightpearl gives you accurate inventory levels to confidently respond to large sales opportunities or adding new channels without swamping your team.

screenshot showing brightpearl inventory management software
image showing that client esquires saved £24,000 per year

Automated processes to reduce repetition; manage your business by exception

Make a sale and look for the next opportunity instead of managing the fulfillment process. Create rules to automatically process orders as they are received in Brightpearl, routing them to the optimal warehouse, dropshipper, or fulfillment team.

Keep your accountant happy

Give your accountant what they need without logging into your accounting system or sending spreadsheet files. As you buy and sell, Brightpearl automatically posts accounting entries to your ledger, removing any need to export to or enter data in other systems.

I wanted a system which managed as much as possible in one platform, from accounting to inventory - Brightpearl is a reliable cloud based system.
— Kyle Goguen, Founder,
image showing client pawstruck grew 400% over 12 months

Understand your customers

Stop logging into multiple systems to understand who your best customers are. Brightpearl’s CRM ties all activity back to a customer’s personal timeline, allowing your team members to quickly get up to speed on their history and provide personalized customer service.