Signifyd eliminates fraud and chargebacks with Guaranteed Payments powered by real-time machine learning. When your customer places an order, Signifyd instantly reviews it and tells you whether to ship or not. Every approved order is backed by a 100% financial guarantee against fraud so you can focus on growing your business by accepting more orders. With Signifyd, you’ll never pay a chargeback again. Guaranteed.


Zero Fraud Liability

Unlike fraud screening or scoring platforms, Signifyd assumes liability for fraud for every approved order so you can maximize your revenue without the risk. If you get a chargeback, Signifyd reimburses you within 48 hours including chargeback fees and shipping.

Accept and Ship More Orders

Since Signifyd is only paid on orders we approve we have industry-leading approval rates. We're able to accept domestic and international orders you would otherwise decline. With real-time machine learning across more than 5,000 merchants we've likely seen your buyer's buying (or fraudulent) behavior before you have.

Automate Reviews

Skip the research and manual reviews that can't guarantee complete protection from fraud and are likely to decline a certain percentage of legitimate orders ("false declines"). With Signifyd you no longer need to review every order and we can automate your order processing so orders are fulfilled automatically and shipped to customers faster.

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