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Customer Statements

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Customers who purchase from you on credit will usually expect a statement, perhaps once a month, to summarize how much they owe, how old that debt is and which invoices it relates to.

Statements can be sent from Brightpearl by email or they can be printed to be sent by post. Each time the statement is emailed it will be added to the customer timeline. 

Customizing design & layout

Statements are created using a template so you can customize the design and layout, although unfortunately it is not possible to customize the columns used for the statement detail.

You can also create different versions of statements to use at different times, so you might choose to add a leading page containing different levels of dunning letter.

When you create the statements you can select which template you'd like to use.

Showing detailed payments

If you choose the "show detailed payments" option on the statement, your customer can see exactly what payments were allocated against what invoices. Here's an example statement:

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How to send customer statements

  1. Go to Customers > Aged debtors / Accounts receivable.
  2. This is a list of customers who owe money. To send any of them a statement select the checkbox next to their name and click the Send email/statement or Print letters/statements button.
  3. Select the statement template to use.
  4. For printed statements select the date range as required and click Update statement.
  5. Email or print the statements as required.

Learn how to customize your statement template

Email / Printing a Single Statement

If you just want to send one statement, then you can do it from the customer contact record:

  1. Search for, and open the customer record.
  2. In the financials information box on right-hand side, click to View/send statement.
  3. The statement is displayed on-screen. Change the From and To dates as required and click Update Statement. All open balances before the start date will be shown as a single "balance carried forward" line at the top of the statement. The form doesn't show on print-outs.
  4. To show detailed payments tick the checkbox (see below for example).
  5. You can select a different template using the Change template link.
  6. Use the Print and Email links at the top.

You can also send individual statements from the Customer Debt report (Reports > Customer Debt). Locate the customer and click the Statement Actions icon at the end of the row.

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