Find a partner to help your business with Brightpearl.

We work with a number of different partners to provide our customers with the best possible advice and expertise. Whether you’re looking for assistance building or designing your ecommerce website or complementary technology to enhance Brightpearl we have lots of recommended partners who are happy to help.

Setup Experts

Knowledgable and highly talented, the Brightpearl setup experts can guide you through the process of implementing Brightpearl into your business. They will quickly and efficiently migrate your current data into Brightpearl, advise you on the best processes to put in place, and customize the system to your businesses specific requirements. Kick start your launch with one of our setup experts and you’ll start to reap the benefits of Brightpearl faster and more effectively.

Integrations Developers

Every business is different and sometimes you might want to create bespoke or custom add-ons to connect with Brightpearl. We have worked with a number of developers who have gathered a wealth of experience integrating with our API. There are a number of these add ons and integrations that have already been created (contact us to find out more) but if you need something additional our developer partners are sure to be able to help.

Web Designers/Developers

Having a beautiful and well designed website both on the front and back end of your systems can make a huge difference. Our recommended web designers and developers are some of the best in the business. They can help you with anything from tweaks to your current site to a complete redesign, as well as custom developments between your site and Brightpearl using the Brightpearl API.


We have partnered with skilled and experienced accountants who understand the accounting challenges of running a retail business. They are familiar with Brightpearl’s accounting capabilities as well as having expertise that is suited to your specific business type. Brightpearl lets them focus less on admin and more on the financial information that will give you the information you need to optimally structure your finances to grow your business.

We love working in partnership with Brightpearl

They’re Brightpearl experts who help retailers to get set up using Brightpearl. They’ve also built some great integrations and add-on’s to extend Brightpearl’s offering.

"We genuinely have a passion for what we do and we want to help other businesses to get set up and using and benefiting from Brightpearl."

Gareth Lucas, Managing Director, Studio Unified